Thursday, January 21, 2010

Feeling the stress.

Jon and I are moving into our new home Saturday. Jon also found out he has duty Saturday. THANKS USMC! He is trying to get someone to cover for him but lets be honest. It's a waste of a Saturday and no one is going to want to do that. So Katie (from Diary of a Disgruntled Marine Girlfriend) has graciously offered her services helping me move. We can at least get the little, light things in the house. I feel awful leaving anything for Jon to do because he is working 24hrs straight but we can't life couches or the washer/dryers, and especially not Jon's 100lb bins of god knows what. (He's a pack rat, I'm working on it.)
Anyways, the stress of the move plus my classes is sinking in. I can't focus on my classes and this move. I try to get as much of my work done as possible Tuesday and I get an email from one of my professors saying that my work is inadequate and gives me an example of how it should be. UMM HELLOO!!! I followed his layout EXACTLY so how is it inadequate? This other student wrote a friggin 5 page paper when all we had to do was a quick synopsis of an article. Those are his words too. If I have one thing that really annoys me it is professors that not only compare the work of students but also teaches a class that is a complete waste of time AND I fully believe I am smarter than. It's so hard to put my effort into a class that I know is a waste of my time and I am being criticized on my work no matter what I do. The other 2 classes are great. Managerial accounting and Business Law. Not only will I most likely need both of these BUT my teachers just assign the work and answer any questions. They don't compare students they just grade on if the assignment is completed well. THANK YOU! Some real professors. If I wanted a teacher to hold my hand the entire way through the class I would go back to elementary school.
Ok, that was all frustration. But seriously just GRRR! I am glad it's an accelerated class so I only have to suffer until the end of February. Then I pick up 2 more accelerated classes. JOY.
Sometimes I am jealous of Jon. He is already doing something with his life. Me, I am just flipping pages of text books trying to find the easiest way to answer the next bogus question. I feel like school never ends. More strongly I feel like even when it does end I wont be able to do anything with my life anyways. Why do some people have niches? That one thing they are amazing at while I am stuck without a real success plan in life. Oh well. There is a plan for me I know that. I just need to step up and look for it.

Oh, side note, back to the whole idiot professor. He yelled at me for going ahead in assignments. He said there is no point in doing assignments when we haven't gone over the chapters yet. Um, unless I was mistaken this is an ONLINE class. We go over the chapters on our own time and do the assignments when we can fit them into our schedules. If you didn't want us to go ahead then you probably shouldn't make them available for us. Once again, STUPID PROFESSOR, did you even ever go to college? Your class, Management and Organization Behavior, is a joke. Just saying.

ok I'm over this rant. Thanks for reading.

Semper Fi<3

Friday, January 15, 2010

It's been a while.

My goal with this blog was to post often. Well clearly that isn't happening. I have been so busy lately with the wedding and the move, classes and now another move! It's pretty hectic. I'll try and catch you up.

I showed a couple pictures of the wedding. I really couldn't have asked for a better wedding. It was absolutely amazing. There is a saying that everyone has at least one bad thing happen at their wedding. It's true. Right off the bat at the ceremony instead of saying the marriage of Jonathan and Breanna, he said Jonathan and Brenda, which happens to be my moms name. I immediately burst into laughter and Jonathan said "Well, mom, looks like were getting married!" so then everyone else burst into laughter. If it wasn't for my maid of honor saying "It's BREANNA" then I don't think the pastor would have picked up on why everyone was laughing. I wouldn't say it ruined my wedding though. It just gave us a good memory haha.
We recited our own vows. I am not a crier unless somethings sad. Happy moments just make me smile. But let me tell you, when Jon started reading his vows I started crying. They were so incredibly beautiful I couldn't help myself. He feels like he accomplished something by it haha.
Jonathan's older brother sang Ave Maria during the lighting of our unity candle. It was absolutely breathtaking. I had never met him before that moment because he is some 10+ years older than Jon and lives all the way across the country but he left a good first impression. Then at the reception Jonathan's brother AND sister sang Come What May for Jon and I. Needless to say his whole family is musical and I am, well, not. It was a beautiful song.
The next big event at the wedding was a "surprise" dance for me from one of my bridesmaids fiance's who is also a marine. He told me he was going to do his Michael Jackson dance for me but I didn't actually believe him 100%. That is until Billy Jean came on and away he went, fedora and all. He by far was the hit of the wedding. Everyone is still talking about it. While he was dancing he took off his fedora and put it on my head. From there everyone was yelling GET HIM BRE!! So, I followed him onto the dance floor and it became a dance brawl of sorts. He would dance my way then I put my finger on his chest and pushed him back the other way. It was so much fun! I am praying they got pictures or even a video of this. If they do I'll share them.

Needless to say my wedding was absolutely incredible. I am thankful we got to have it. Most couples in the military have to do a quick courthouse wedding because leave gets tricky. We lucked out and I feel like it is because everything happens how it is supposed to which is really relaxing.

The next day Jon and I packed up everything and moved to North Carolina. We are currently in Surf City until the 23rd. Next Saturday we move into our new home! We have a year lease on the most beautiful home in Hubert. It's at foxtrace, if any of you Lejeune ladies know where that is. I am so excited to move! It took us forever to find the perfect house to rent. We would find one and no sooner call and it would be taken. Finally we went on a tour of 4 houses but after seeing the second one we knew it was ours. It has a garage so Jon can do his car things, a fenced in backyard for the puppy. And not just metal chain fencing, it's all wooden fence. It looks beautiful. The inside is so gorgeous. All newly remodeled. With dark earthy tones so it's a relaxed environment. It literally is my dream house and I am so glad we got it!
For all of you ladies planning on moving to NC with your marine, let me tell you, finding a house or apartment is a PAIN!! You can't really start looking until around when you're going to move because houses get snagged so quickly plus when you lease it they want to you move in asap usually. We lucked out because the people moving out weren't moving out until the end of the month and we have a place rented until the end of the month so it worked perfectly.

I am now working on focusing on my classes and getting used to the area. I think I may have Jacksonville down but I still wouldn't leave the house without the GPS. I have a good grip on the base though. We have been on it so much that visually I can drive around it. I found the library no problems yesterday so I was pretty excited for that. I wasn't at all prepared for how huge this base is. Parris Island is like the front gate comparatively haha.

So this got a lot longer than I thought it would. But that's my last month is a sum up! Thanks for reading if you made it this far.

Semper Fi<3

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Were in NC now! I'll talk more later once I get these nails off from the wedding! blahh. haha

Semper Fi<3