Thursday, January 21, 2010

Feeling the stress.

Jon and I are moving into our new home Saturday. Jon also found out he has duty Saturday. THANKS USMC! He is trying to get someone to cover for him but lets be honest. It's a waste of a Saturday and no one is going to want to do that. So Katie (from Diary of a Disgruntled Marine Girlfriend) has graciously offered her services helping me move. We can at least get the little, light things in the house. I feel awful leaving anything for Jon to do because he is working 24hrs straight but we can't life couches or the washer/dryers, and especially not Jon's 100lb bins of god knows what. (He's a pack rat, I'm working on it.)
Anyways, the stress of the move plus my classes is sinking in. I can't focus on my classes and this move. I try to get as much of my work done as possible Tuesday and I get an email from one of my professors saying that my work is inadequate and gives me an example of how it should be. UMM HELLOO!!! I followed his layout EXACTLY so how is it inadequate? This other student wrote a friggin 5 page paper when all we had to do was a quick synopsis of an article. Those are his words too. If I have one thing that really annoys me it is professors that not only compare the work of students but also teaches a class that is a complete waste of time AND I fully believe I am smarter than. It's so hard to put my effort into a class that I know is a waste of my time and I am being criticized on my work no matter what I do. The other 2 classes are great. Managerial accounting and Business Law. Not only will I most likely need both of these BUT my teachers just assign the work and answer any questions. They don't compare students they just grade on if the assignment is completed well. THANK YOU! Some real professors. If I wanted a teacher to hold my hand the entire way through the class I would go back to elementary school.
Ok, that was all frustration. But seriously just GRRR! I am glad it's an accelerated class so I only have to suffer until the end of February. Then I pick up 2 more accelerated classes. JOY.
Sometimes I am jealous of Jon. He is already doing something with his life. Me, I am just flipping pages of text books trying to find the easiest way to answer the next bogus question. I feel like school never ends. More strongly I feel like even when it does end I wont be able to do anything with my life anyways. Why do some people have niches? That one thing they are amazing at while I am stuck without a real success plan in life. Oh well. There is a plan for me I know that. I just need to step up and look for it.

Oh, side note, back to the whole idiot professor. He yelled at me for going ahead in assignments. He said there is no point in doing assignments when we haven't gone over the chapters yet. Um, unless I was mistaken this is an ONLINE class. We go over the chapters on our own time and do the assignments when we can fit them into our schedules. If you didn't want us to go ahead then you probably shouldn't make them available for us. Once again, STUPID PROFESSOR, did you even ever go to college? Your class, Management and Organization Behavior, is a joke. Just saying.

ok I'm over this rant. Thanks for reading.

Semper Fi<3


  1. Aw, I love my Katie..she is a great mover!! I'll talk to Danny and see if he can get some of the guys to help too :)

  2. No worries. It's probably going to turn into a putting my desk together day since it's in a 100 pieces. I am soooo not good with directions either. haha. We have tons of little things that can take up my time while I wait for the big things.

  3. We'll get it all done! And I love putting together furniture. I'll read the directions TO you! :)


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