Sunday, September 27, 2009

Ok so I haven't posted in a while...

I have been extremely busy with wedding plans and taking every free minute of that to do my work and talk to Jon. It's an unbelievably crazy schedule! Let me catch everyone up real quick.

Jonathan is still in NC waiting for pick up for MOS. He should be picked up within the next week or so. (CROSS OUR FINGERS!!) I am hesitant to post this because I am apparently superstitious BUT I am too excited not to. HE IS COMING HOME IN 12 DAYS!!!! At midnight on Friday October 9 the love of my life is going to be getting tackled in the airport :-) I am so excited and happy I finally get to see him again. We have both been getting frustrated way too quickly lately. We need to work on that but I know that seeing each other will make it all better for a while.

I also have more wedding details planned! As you know I have my dress, the flower girl and ring bearer (my little sisters are going to do both) have their dresses, I have my veil and headpiece, I have my caterer and menu set, I have the reception venue set,the photographer is set and she just so happens to be Jon's amazing sister :-), the table settings are taken care of, the decorating is taken care of, the music is almost taken care of, the registry is being put together, MY DAD IS COMING TO THE WEDDING!!!!! :-), and lots of other things that I'm forgetting because it's still too early for me.

So yea, things are definitely looking better :-) Staying strong and pushing through, that's what the marine wives do<3

Semper Fi<3

Monday, September 14, 2009

Well what do you know...

The Marines have once again said Jon can't come home. I hate that things seem like a sure thing and of course, aren't. I hate the marine corps.

Semper Fi<3

Sunday, September 13, 2009

I get to see the love of my life this weekend!!!

Jonathan is coming home this week for 2 weeks of RA which means that I get to spend 2 weekends with the love of my life!!!!! I AM SOOOO EXCITED!!! He was going to come home this weekend but ended up not being able to. I was going to pick him up from the airport and then surprise everyone at home but that's a bust haha. It's alright though because I still get to see him!!

Just thought I would share my excitement! I miss him so much I can hardly contain myself! I am going to tackle him when I see him :-)

Loving life<3
Semper Fi<3

Saturday, September 5, 2009

I am so in love<3

Last night I spent somewhere around 5 hours or so video chatting with Jonathan. It was so amazing. I am so thankful for technology haha. Being able to see him laugh and watch his face change with everything that's said makes me so incredibly happy. I know I can't be right next to him for a little while but feeling like I am is almost as good.

I'm praying every night and crossing my fingers that Jonathan can get RA in the next couple weeks. Then he will get to come home for a month!! I will still be 3 hours away from him since I'm at college but that's nothing to drive when I know he'll be waiting for me<3 Just the thought of being able to run into his arms makes my heart skip a beat and puts a smile on my face.

I was asked the other day why I chose to be with Jon knowing that he was in the marines. I laughed at them because I knew they had never been in love. You don't have a choice with love. I can't really describe the feeling but it's a little like magnets. You can pull us apart but we still belong together. He chose to be in the marines and I support him because I love him. No matter what either of us decides to do we both know that we have the other for support. That's how love works. There are obstacles but no dead ends.

I can't help but smile when I think about how much he means to me. It's incredible really. So for anyone who is wondering why we're crazy enough to stay strong for our men it's because you don't mess with love. It's only once in a life time and I'd be crazy to give it up.

Semper Fi<3

Friday, September 4, 2009

Just a little jealous...

I am boycotting Facebook right now. Every time I sign on I see that yet another girl gets to be with her marine. I am so jealous that I'm angry. I went 3 months without seeing him during boot camp with no phone calls or texts or anything. I can't even go 2 months without him and we text and talk all day long. I don't know what's wrong with me but I really wish I was stronger right now.

Don't get me wrong. I am so happy for everyone who gets to spend time with their marine. I know my time will come. It's just looking like I wont see Jon again until our wedding lol. I think the idea of a 13 months deployment just around the bend is getting to me too. I mean 13 months??!?!?! Like COME ON!!! I feel like they aren't so much after the terrorists but my emotional health as well!

I need to snap out of it and get some strength but it's so hard to get my bearings in a new place that I'm still semi uncomfortable in. I feel like I need to take a drive home this weekend just so I can have a 3 hour cry without people thinking I'm crazy. But oh well. I am crazy. I'm crazy in love with my fiance and he just so happens to be a marine so I think I have the right to a little crazy time.

As of right now it's somewhere around 3 months and 20 days or so until I see Jon again. I guess I can live with that. I wish my roommates would all go away this weekend so I can have a huge break down. Then I would be good to go for at least a month or more. haha.

Trying to stay strong, failing, but picking myself back up each time.

Semper Fi<3

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Grind

I had my first experience with the open mike night at Champlain called The Grind. There were some flops and some spectacular almost magical moments. Eric Vincent hands down stole my musical heart tonight haha. He is in my marketing class and up until tonight I thought he was just another student but this guy is one amazing musician. He played a couple songs tonight, all of which made me want to hear more.
Also there were a couple guys from my dorm, Summit. They were awesome as well. They have been playing out on the front yard for a couple days now and they are really awesome. Strangely they all look alike which I find weird and cool at the same time.
I can't wait until next week to go again. College really does rock.

Semper Fi<3

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

First blog from CHAMPLAIN!!

I moved into my dorm Friday morning. Luckily I was the first to arrive because let me tell you it was a full out brawl when the last girl arrived! Her mother apparently did not like the room design so she wanted to draw straws for who got the "shitty" bed. It was a whole lot of drama that the roomies and I figured out amongst ourselves later that night. Oh, by the way, I have 3 other roommates. Yes, 3. We are in a tiny quad. We made it work though.
I have my wall dedicated to my wonderful fiance<3 Jon is currently at Camp Lejeune, NC and will be there until December. We talk everyday but it is really difficult being so far away from him and starting a new experience without him. This was a big WELCOME TO THE MARINE LIFE smack in the face for me. lol.
It is amazing how independent you become without even realizing it. I guess college will do that to you but so will having your other half 1,000 miles away from you. I picked a really amazing college though. The area and atmosphere makes it almost impossible to be upset. If I'm having a bad day I just look out my window and I can just see the mountains and Lake Champlain and I immediately feel relaxed.
I often find myself thinking about other women who have gone through this. You know, the whole being with a marine while being without your marine thing. If they can do it so can I. If I can do it then maybe that will give at least one other couple a little more hope. Things could always be worse. I figure I'm living in a beautiful college town, surrounded by friends, and experiencing what is supposed to be the best years of my life. I miss Jonathan more than a lot of people will ever miss anyone but I know he is missing me too.

I am going to use something that one of my teachers told us on the first day of class yesterday.
Go beyond the Fuck It. YES, that's swearing. I was shocked that a teacher would swear too but hey, its college and he didn't wear shoes either so I think he's well past the norm. What he was saying is that everything is better once you get tot he point where you just throw up your hands and say well..Fuck it. From here on out I am diving into whatever is thrown at me and enjoying it for all it's worth. I am going to enjoy the dreaded papers and smile at the thought of learning something new. Fuck it, I'm enjoying life.

Another little note of inspiration that I remembered from a speech I heard from Tammy Trent is that everyday you should open your eyes and see the beauty in front of you. She said "Today, I see beautiful." Every time I say that or hear it I get chills. I often forget this and just have those days where no matter what happens you feel like you just want to crawl into bed and never leave. I am going to make the best of every situation and see the beauty in everything.

No more sad Bre.
Fuck it, I see beautiful.

Semper Fi<3