Sunday, February 28, 2010

New hair!

I got a hair cut yesterday! I loooove getting my hair done. It's so therapeutic. I got it colored and chopped haha. Also, in other great news, my best friends hubby joined us at Camp Lejeune last night!! He stayed at our house and is checking in today but it's sooo exciting! That means that Anna (his wife my bffer) gets to be here with me!!! Soooo happy!
This is a short one because I want to soak up this time with my husband since he had to be at work almost all day yesterday and goes back tomorrow. Boo. haha.

Semper Fi<3

Friday, February 26, 2010

Really upset

Today I got really upset. Being a marine wife is a job in itself. Part of that job is representing the marine corps, our men, and our country. We are supposed to present ourselves in a respectable manor and be an inspiration to others. That is why I get so upset when I see and hear about women getting all bent out of shape over civilian girls complaining about missing their men. I have heard girls talk about how pathetic civilian girls are and such rude things! First of all, UMM HELLLOOOO!!!! I don't know any marine wife/fiance/girlfriend that wasn't at some point a civilian girlfriend. So what you're saying about those women you are saying about yourself.
I guess my biggest problem with this is that it is not their fault they are civilian girlfriends. How can we judge someone on something they don't have a choice in? If their boyfriend is gone for 3 days 3 hours away that is quite possibly the hardest thing they will have to go through. We cannot compare our hardships to theirs because they have not and probably will never experience what we do on a daily basis. We just have to realize that when they say "we can get through this together because we're in the same boat" they really believe their in the same boat and we should treat it as such. How dare we put them down for missing the one they love!

We are not the all holy superior woman just because we are with marines or soldiers, or any man in the military. We are just women standing beside our men praying for the day that we can once again take our place as civilian wives. When the furthest he will be is 3 hours for 3 days.

I have been with my husband since high school. He was a civilian and I was a civilian. He lived 20 minutes away from me and I hated leaving him at night even knowing I would see him in a couple hours. When he went away for his job for weekends or weeks at a time I thought it was the hardest thing I would ever go through. I am really glad I had people to help me and support me.

The first picture is us as a civilian couple. The second is after he became a marine. The only difference is the uniform and a couple lbs. Yes we go through something harder, but we don't think we are god's gift to the world just because we have to go through it.

So next time you want to yell at a civilian girl because she misses her man, just remember that you were there once. We should encourage them that everything will be fine. If for no other reason than the fact that if we can get through what we're going through they can get through their hard time. We need to lead by example and represent something better than who we are. We are not superior, we are just women in love with our men and going through a hard time. Be considerate and compassionate.

I hope I got my point across. When I get upset I tend to just babble and not make any sense. I just want to stop seeing women acting like girls and not being compassionate towards others. It is really upsetting to me.

Semper Fi<3

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Updates, updates, and more updates!

So I have a few pictures to show you! We have lived in our new home for just over a month now and I still haven't gotten any pictures up on here! I needed to change that so here are some pictures of our lovely home!

I am really proud of our home. Not only did I decorate it but my husband put in his two cents! I am so proud of him! The only decisions I make easily are choices of what will be put into our house. He picked out the art in our living room, 2 of our love seats and the area rug. He also picked out our comforter and our sheets! I am such a lucky woman!

The picture in the living room behind the maroon couch is his as well. The one on the windowsill it now hanging up next to the kitchen.

My favorite part of our house is that all of the furniture, besides the bed frame, we got off of! If you haven't heard of it go check it out! It is absolutely addicting! I believe there is one for pendleton too? I would check around your local base to see if you have one because it is worth it.
We got the 3 love seats, the coffee table, a bookshelf, computer desk, dinner table with 4 chairs, washer and dryer, and 2 beautiful floor lamps all for about $600!! Ummmm...SCORE!!!! If you are a newly wed and moving to the area then I highly suggest checking out this site! They have everything, not just furniture.

And then there is our puppy!! These pictures got up in opposite of how I wanted them lol. From bottom to top is how our puppy, Bo, has grown since we've had him. This first picture is my favorite. My two favorite men snuggled on the couch together!

This one is when Bo got neutered. Poor guy had to wear a cone!

This is my little sister with Bo before we moved to North Carolina.

So anyways, my life in North Carolina and with the base has been pretty interesting. We live about 3 minutes from from the side gate. This is good and bad. It's great when I need to go on base. It's a quick trip. It's horrible when its early in the morning and it sounds like explosives are being used in your back yard and your house is shaking. I live far enough away where there is a good amount of space between my house and the base so I didn't expect to hear or feel any of this. I also did not get any warning, thank you Jon, so when it first started happening I was freaking out haha. I am getting used to it but yesterday it was louder than ever so I guess I will just have to deal with the fact that my husband is a marine, therefore I had to deal with explosives.

I am not suggesting you try and live further away. Trust me the commute to the base would be awful. We live in Hubert so thankfully we have ways of avoiding the traffic in Jacksonville when we need to get to the store or go out to eat. I would honestly suggest not living in Jacksonville anywhere near the main gate. The traffic is unbearable. We have a really great location. We live on a cul de sac and have a great fenced in back yard. It's not a crowded area like you'll find a lot down here. It feels city like without getting rid of the country. I absolutely love it!

Anyways, that is my update for now. This is already way longer than it needed to be haha. I will write again soon I promise!

Semper Fi<3

I've been an awful blogger...

I don't blog every day and I really need to fix that. Blogging makes me feel better and I have gotten a couple responses from girls saying they feel better after reading this. I am so thankful that people not only take the time to read this but that it is meaningful to them too. For all you girls who have contacted me, thank you. You are my inspiration to find a way to write every day!
This is my I'm Sorry entry, I will follow it up with something good!

Semper Fi<3

Thursday, February 18, 2010

New site

I've recently discovered this site called Formspring. You can ask any question to the person either anonymously or not. I have found it to be great for boredom and informative to people who want to ask but are afraid to ask face to face.
Either way if you want to check it out here is the link to my site.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Ok I've decided.

I am changing my major. I am going to become a nurse no matter how long it takes. Transferring usually bites you in the ass because classes don't transfer and such but I am over it. No matter how long it takes I will become at least an RN. Here we go on another journey I suppose!

Semper Fi<3

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Switching majors

I am fairly positive that my problem right now is that I am not enjoying what I am learning. I don't enjoy my classes or the information I am getting out of them. It didn't click with me until last night that maybe I need to seriously consider changing my major. I am a junior but between transferring from my community college to my 4 yr and then from a traditional student to an online student at my 4 year has thrown me back to having about 2 more years if not more added on. At first I cried. I was so stressed out thinking about it taking me 6 years or something ridiculous to get my bachelors degree. Now, I feel like this was supposed to happen. I was supposed to be put in this situation to be able to make the decision to change majors. I won't be put any further behind than I already am I know that. It's just a matter of making sure I am picking something that I will love learning about and doing.
I believe I have it narrowed down to a few selections. I have always been the "mom" of my friends. I am the one everyone tells their problems to and I usually come up with effective solutions for them. I love that people feel comfortable enough with me to let me know how they are really feeling and trust my opinion on the situation. I had thought about going into psychology when I was in high school. I don't really know why I didn't go with it but right now it is number 1 on my new major list.
Number 2 is sports medicine. I love sports and I love helping people. Put them together and you get sports therapy or sports medicine. Something along those lines.
My third choice is an RN. I have always been interested but slightly intimidated by this idea. I hate opened wounds and all that jazz but when I know someone is in trouble and needs my help I am the first to be there and figure out what needs to be done.
I can't make a decision unless I am absolutely positive. I can't go though hating all of my classes any longer. It's destroying who I am. I am constantly having to suffer through these classes which wears me out making me miserable. It's not a good place to be at all. Hopefully I can figure this all out soon.

Semper Fi<3

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Something that is constantly in the front line of my thoughts is motivation. I just can't understand how some people are so motivated and driven while I am not. Not all the time anyways. When I am doing something I love I go above and beyond. When I am doing something I love it's a feeling where I know I could do it forever and never get bored. I hear all of the time that you are supposed to do what you love. If that is the advice then why are we forced to do things that make us miserable? I am talking about college. It's tough even just thinking about the idea of not finishing college. I know it's crucial for a successful future but why? Why are we forced to go through 4 years of what I feel like is hell, for a piece of paper? Most people that are successful and happy aren't doing what they thought they would be doing and certainly not what they went to college for. Granted there are those select few who go to college, get a degree, and stay with that for the rest of their life. That is their problem.
I am about to say something that might make some people squirm. I HATE SCHOOL. There I said it. I absolutely hate it. It's not that I hate learning, because I don't. I love learning new things. I just hate the idea and situation of college. You learn based on how one person wants you to learn. It's about their homework, their tests, and their lectures. Granted I am beyond stubborn. Once I get this idea in my head it stays there. But I really just cannot get past this. It has consumed me for the last week. It's all I think about.
If college is supposed to be beneficial to me and something that I need then why is it so painful? It's not that I am not good at school. I have always been an A and B student. I don't put an effort into any classes though. I know it is because I don't enjoy any of the classes.
This is really just a huge rant and I don't know where I am going with it other than to get the point across that I hate college, or maybe I have the wrong degree path. I don't know.
End of rant though. Thanks for reading if you made it this far haha.

Semper Fi<3

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I need a job

I didn't expect it to be this difficult to find a job. I knew it would be hard but I guess I couldn't imagine how hard it is. Does anyone know of any job openings in or near Jacksonville? Granted I am still working on my bachelors but I do have my associates. I feel like I have applied everywhere and I've got nothing. I don't know what to do other than go fast food (not happening).
I am getting frustrated, Jon is getting frustrated which frustrates me more. It's like he doesn't think I am trying or something. I HATE sitting home doing nothing. It makes everything harder on me. I work better under pressure. I would rather work all day and have a few hours at night to do my online classes than have all day to do them because I will procrastinate until I run out of time. It's a flaw of mine.
Anyways, moral of the story, finding a job is getting tedious and stressful. If anyone knows of something please let me know!! Thanks!

Semper Fi<3

Monday, February 1, 2010

Teacher frustration.

SOOOOOOOO frustrated with this teacher. No matter what I do it just isn't good enough for him. He had the nerve to ask me if I had the textbook. Even if I didn't have the book (which I do) I could answer his questions blind and deaf. It's one of those pointless, non challenging classes that make you wonder why colleges even waste their time paying someone to teach such a pointless, braincell wasting class. Anyone who knows me knows I am an A and B student. This is absolutely rediculous. Isn't it illegal to grade on comparison? He can't actually give me a lower grade because someone else in the class wrote a novel on a question that was properly explained in 5 sentences, can he? He should be failed as a teacher for falling for the teacher's pet, suck up, brown nosing student. UGH. It's situations like this that make me absolutely dispise education and the manner in which it's taught. I am forced to be controlled by one person and their narrow minded ways instead of learning how I need to learn, what I need to learn and be graded on my answer and opinions without bias. No wonder people don't go to college. (This post in no way shows how I feel about all teachers, just the incompetent, unqualified ones.)

Both my dad and my step mother are professors and a community college that I graduated from. They are incredible at what they do and I wish more professors could be like them.

Sorry I have been lacking on the posts and when I did write it wasn't very military related, but I just got internet at the new house so I will be on more! Promise!

Semper Fi<3