Friday, February 26, 2010

Really upset

Today I got really upset. Being a marine wife is a job in itself. Part of that job is representing the marine corps, our men, and our country. We are supposed to present ourselves in a respectable manor and be an inspiration to others. That is why I get so upset when I see and hear about women getting all bent out of shape over civilian girls complaining about missing their men. I have heard girls talk about how pathetic civilian girls are and such rude things! First of all, UMM HELLLOOOO!!!! I don't know any marine wife/fiance/girlfriend that wasn't at some point a civilian girlfriend. So what you're saying about those women you are saying about yourself.
I guess my biggest problem with this is that it is not their fault they are civilian girlfriends. How can we judge someone on something they don't have a choice in? If their boyfriend is gone for 3 days 3 hours away that is quite possibly the hardest thing they will have to go through. We cannot compare our hardships to theirs because they have not and probably will never experience what we do on a daily basis. We just have to realize that when they say "we can get through this together because we're in the same boat" they really believe their in the same boat and we should treat it as such. How dare we put them down for missing the one they love!

We are not the all holy superior woman just because we are with marines or soldiers, or any man in the military. We are just women standing beside our men praying for the day that we can once again take our place as civilian wives. When the furthest he will be is 3 hours for 3 days.

I have been with my husband since high school. He was a civilian and I was a civilian. He lived 20 minutes away from me and I hated leaving him at night even knowing I would see him in a couple hours. When he went away for his job for weekends or weeks at a time I thought it was the hardest thing I would ever go through. I am really glad I had people to help me and support me.

The first picture is us as a civilian couple. The second is after he became a marine. The only difference is the uniform and a couple lbs. Yes we go through something harder, but we don't think we are god's gift to the world just because we have to go through it.

So next time you want to yell at a civilian girl because she misses her man, just remember that you were there once. We should encourage them that everything will be fine. If for no other reason than the fact that if we can get through what we're going through they can get through their hard time. We need to lead by example and represent something better than who we are. We are not superior, we are just women in love with our men and going through a hard time. Be considerate and compassionate.

I hope I got my point across. When I get upset I tend to just babble and not make any sense. I just want to stop seeing women acting like girls and not being compassionate towards others. It is really upsetting to me.

Semper Fi<3


  1. I love this post. I definitely think that some military spouses/girlfriends take this point too far and it is true that we are not all holy because of our men- believe me I have seen some awful behaviour/heard stories I never saw in the civilian world. If we want to feel better about ourselves we can think that we are giving them advice about those 3 days apart because we have done 300 days but you don't need to vocalise it just smile on the inside that you are strong and let everyone take their turn at being girlie.

  2. EXACTLY!! It's so refreshing to hear someone with the same views on this. I love your point on feeling better by helping them get through it. That is exactly what I am trying to say. Thank you for understanding. That alone is hope that not every military wife/girlfriend is so selfish!


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