Monday, February 1, 2010

Teacher frustration.

SOOOOOOOO frustrated with this teacher. No matter what I do it just isn't good enough for him. He had the nerve to ask me if I had the textbook. Even if I didn't have the book (which I do) I could answer his questions blind and deaf. It's one of those pointless, non challenging classes that make you wonder why colleges even waste their time paying someone to teach such a pointless, braincell wasting class. Anyone who knows me knows I am an A and B student. This is absolutely rediculous. Isn't it illegal to grade on comparison? He can't actually give me a lower grade because someone else in the class wrote a novel on a question that was properly explained in 5 sentences, can he? He should be failed as a teacher for falling for the teacher's pet, suck up, brown nosing student. UGH. It's situations like this that make me absolutely dispise education and the manner in which it's taught. I am forced to be controlled by one person and their narrow minded ways instead of learning how I need to learn, what I need to learn and be graded on my answer and opinions without bias. No wonder people don't go to college. (This post in no way shows how I feel about all teachers, just the incompetent, unqualified ones.)

Both my dad and my step mother are professors and a community college that I graduated from. They are incredible at what they do and I wish more professors could be like them.

Sorry I have been lacking on the posts and when I did write it wasn't very military related, but I just got internet at the new house so I will be on more! Promise!

Semper Fi<3

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