Sunday, August 9, 2009

Bring on the stress!

If you have read the previous post you know that Jonathan and I are getting married in December!! WOO HOO! Wedding planning is so exciting, to an extent. Most of the time you are pulling your hair out wondering which design or color to go with. The fun stuff is picking out your dress and your bridal party's dresses. Since this is obviously my first wedding I have no idea what I am doing. Thank god my mom, soon to be mother in law, and bridesmaids know a thing or two or else I'd be hiding in my room forever.
I only have 4 months to plan this wedding. I like it though. That means my decisions have to just get made which is how I like to do them. Nothing gets dragged out and everything can get done quicker. I have already found and purchased my dress! It is a Oleg Cassini princess dress. It was over $1,000 marked down to $300. I loooove sales! It fit me absolutely perfectly so I didnt even need to get alterations done. Once again WOOHOO! I would put a link on here but Jonathan has this page bookmarked and there is noooo way he is seeing this dress before the wedding.
Other than that my only progress is who my bridesmaids are, their dresses are picked out but not my maid of honors. The whole problem right now is that we dont have an exact date so I cant book a venu. Ladies, this we can thank the marines for. haha. Oh well. I am just going to work as hard as I can at getting as much as I can done without a date. OR I am going to just pick a day and hope for the best. HA!

Wish me luck!

Semper Fi<3

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  1. Good luck! It is all so exciting!!! Have fun with it all (:


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