Sunday, August 2, 2009

It's like crack.

We all know that "civilian" girls have no idea what our lives are like. Their biggest concern is if their boyfriend will be on time for the movies and ours is if he will come home alive. What I have never thought of is people who not only have never been in our position but have never been in love. Those are the people who really wonder why on earth we would go through this. Those people are my parents. (Mainly my father). My parents have been divorced since I was 6. As far as I know they have never found their true loves. Ever heard the saying "love is like crack" ? That actually holds some truth. When you are in love your brain gets stimulated in a similar reaction that crack would have. This is why when you're in love you are always happy and feel crazy feelings that you have never experienced before. The only clause in this is that it only happens with your first love and never again. Your brain is immune to it once it has been exposed. (Information courtesy of my pathetically boring summer neuroscience class).
People who have never had this first love feeling could never come close to understanding what Jonathan and I have. Not only do we have the bond of being a couple in the military but we have the bond of being each others first loves. Have you ever seen, or read Twilight? Edward Cullen says to Bella "You're like my own brand of heroin." Well close enough. When you find the one person you are supposed to be with you feel like your are almost addicted to them right? Right.
I truly hope everyone gets to experience this feeling. Perferably by avoiding crack and finding love. I look at my parents completely differently now knowing that they are only judgemental because they are ignorant to my situation. I have a feeling if they ever read this I will get an ear full but hey, blogs are about emotion and feelings. These are my feelings about my emotions and I'm putting them in my blog so everyone can either relate or hate. Jonahtan is my crack and I am proud to say that<3

Semper Fi<3

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