Friday, July 31, 2009

Unecessary stress.

I got a text from Jonathan this morning saying that the pain was unbearable and that he was going to the docs. He told me earlier that he had hurt his leg while at MCT but just let it go. Well it turns out that he has a torn quad. I immediately freaked out wondering if he was ok, what was going to happen, how long he would be out for, blah blah blah. Well he just played it off like it was nothing and said that he talked the doctor down to only 10 days of light duty. I swear men have no idea how crazy they make us. A torn quad sounds pretty awful to me but apparently it isn't that bad. I think it's just the marine way of thinking. If you're hurt you're worthless so don't let anyone know you're hurt. LAME. If you have a fiance at home worried sick about you then you better do what you're told and take a friggin break!!
As far as I know he is fine. He probably wont tell me when he is hurt ever again and he will probably lie when he is hurt but I'd just rather not know anyways. If it is really serious, ok go ahead and let me know. If I am going to freak out for no reason then just don't bother sending me on a panic attack.
So Jon is fine he just has to take it easy for 10 days. I'll keep posted if that happens or not.
I love him to death but he is a little stubborn sometimes.

Semper Fi<3


  1. A lot of them are exactly the same way. Ryan nearly developed pneumonia before he went to medical. He never wants to miss work when he is sick or hurt. Actually I think he deployed with a broken or sprained finger he refused to have checked so they wouldn't hold him back. I swear I will be gray by 23. I hope Jon is ok and gets well soon!

  2. haha. I guess it really is a marine state of mind. It's ok as long as they are ok with all of us having grey hair at a young age lol.

  3. I love how much he wants to do good by the marines right now. It makes me so proud...I just pray he really does take it easy and heal up. Your posts really make me smile:) When are you coming home again?


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