Friday, July 10, 2009

This isn't mine I just thought it should be shared.

About being a Marine's girl...

It's knowing in your heart that even though the distance is far your closer in heart than most couples who see eachother every day.
It's living off his pictures, his favorite songs, "our" songs, the smell of his cologne on his jacket or little things he's given you and especially his letters and phone calls.
It's trying to relive every single little detail of your memories together. His cute little side smile, his gorgeous eyes, the way he kisses you, holds you, holds your hand and looks at you.
It's being so strong on the outside and trying to go all day long, but laying in your bed at night or making dinner and you just start crying cause you miss him so much.
It's the start of becoming a family bigger than you could have ever imagined, of having people by your side that you've never even met before, but friendships much stronger.
It's a sense of pride not only for your man, but for your country, for other men and women, for all the people who have, are and will serve and take on this life.
It's knowing that there are women who have walked through your shoes and made it through and giving you the strength to get up and keep going when you feel like you can't.
It's going to school, watching the kids, working, cleaning the house, making dinner, doing laundry, going to church but missing and thinking of him every second of the day.
It's knowing that no matter how many of your friends or family members say it's ok I understand, it's knowing they really don't but they care about you more than you know.
It's wanting to beat the crap out of anyone that says anything about the people that are serving our country that isn't a positive comment, but choosing not to and to represent our men.
It's realizing that this life we choose we can walk away from at any point, but choosing not to.
It's about having a bond, a connection, a relationship, a like, a love so strong that it's unbreakable, it's what other people look at and say "wow, I wish I had that."
It's trying not to cry when you read news about other women, whether it's bad or good just because your heart genuinely breaks for them or your genuinely happy for them.
It's taking complete advantage of every second you hear his voice, every letter you get, every minute you spend with him, every time he hold you or kisses you.
It's telling him about home to make him feel like he's here and telling him everythings ok while your silently trying not to cry or either crying while writing the letter.
It's also feeling a happiness beyond comparison knowing that someone is thinking of you, missing you and loving you as much as you are them.
It's a smile so big you think your face is gonna break from getting a letter and reading how he's missed you and not stopped thinking of you or hearing him say I miss you and I love you.
It's knowing that when your listening to your friends complain about not to talking to their man for an hour that you would give anything in the world to be able to have that.
Being a Marine's girl is much, much, much more than this.
It's a feeling of pride, joy, togetherness, family, love, lending a helping hand, staying up all night knowing somewhere someone else is doing the same thing.
It's something that you can try to explain and people get chills just listening to you because they know they'll never experience anything like that, but that it's a bond, a forging together of strong, strong women.
It's something that as best as we try to explain it we know they'll never understand, but that's ok cause there are people who do and smile, take our hand and say I know what you mean.
It's at the end of the day knowing that you've found someone who's worth the waiting, crying, worrying, smiling, staying strong for and ultimately saying I'm here for you baby.
This is just a very little bit of what it's like being a Marine's girl.
They are the one's who serve and protect our country. Their the one's who sacrifice so much to do what they do. Their the one's that are strong and do what no one else will do.
But we're the one's who serve and protect them. The one's who sacrifice so much so they can do what they do. The one's that are strong and do what no one else will do....
Being the girl of a Marine.

I don't know who wrote this or I'd give them full credit. This is an amazing, heartfelt piece and I'm thankful that one of my USMC sisters sent it to me.

Semper Fi<3

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