Thursday, July 23, 2009

keeping up

I was wondering how it is possible to stay physically fit in comparison to our marines. They are marines for god sake! I used to be slim and sexy but since I've been out of high school...well you know how that goes. I went from sports every day so nothing. I mean I work out every now and then but It's so tedious. There should be a secret weight loss, muscle toning pill that USMC girlfriends, fiances and wives get. Keeping up is just insanely impossible.
Well I have been quite lucky lately. I have started summer classes at my college and I walk EVERYWHERE! If I'm not walking I'm riding my bike. I get lots and lots of exercise, just not enough apparently. I get in a running mood every now and then but overall I just don't enjoy it. I am just not tone like I used to be and it scares the heck out of me thinking about what I'll look like in the future if I don't do something now. Do any of you girls have any secrets or tips? Maybe tips for motivation? Anything would be awesome.
I think it is just going to come down to kicking myself in the butt and forcing myself to do it. I have the will just not the drive haha. I am determined to get toned again. Bye bye flab helloooooo Fab!
My goal is going to be to loose 25lbs by Christmas. That is 5 months and 2 days as of today. I am 150lbs right now and I am not going to be satisfied until I am back down to a good 125. I can't believe I just posted my weight online. Oh well that's just another reality check for me.
Goals and a little determination feels good!

For any other ladies who feel inadequate after seeing their marines with their shirts off, LETS DO THIS! After all, why should they get to be the heroes AND be the hott ones?

Semper Fi<3


  1. 4 years ago I lost 60lbs doing slim fast! I went from 180 to 120! And I've kept it off! DEF recommend it if you are serious about losing weight! And silly workout videos are entertaining and def work!

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  3. I want to do it too! With Ryan deployed I want to trim up before he gets back. One word, swimming. I lost so much weight doing swim team. You can burn a ton of calories in an hour or so a day and it works lots of different muscles. Having a healthy diet on top of that and drinking a lot of water will help so much. I plan on starting once I move to Disney, so if you want someone to compare notes or ideas with let me know!

  4. Slim fast really works??? I might look into that! And yea I know swimming sounds like a great plan. I live near a lake but no pools that I know of. I just got to college so I am still getting used to the area. I definitely want to compare notes and keep up with each other! Having a buddy always helps.

  5. I totally didn't want to believe that Slim Fast works..but it totally does! They have the whole plan right on their website. Honestly, I felt like I was eating WAY more than I usually did. Now, I usually just have one of the bars a day.

    Sometimes I feel like I should do commercials! HAHA!

  6. Just to show that it works!


  7. OMG that is amazing!! Kudos to you!!! I am definitely looking into that.


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