Monday, July 27, 2009

Just realized....

Jonathan and I got to talk all day today on our cell phones. It was amazing. After we had to say goodbye for the night I really started thinking about how Jonathan and I got to this point of just absolute happiness. I just realized that this really wasn't my choice or Jonathan's choice. I honestly believe that we are meant to be together. All the times I have sat in church and wondered why so many people have had first hand experiences with God and umm HELLOO!!!
If I were to explain Jonathan and my relationship from start to finish it would take a long, long time with lots of ups, downs, and spin arounds. I'll just say that we were off and on because of timing, immaturity, and just being stupid. Jonathan has always told me he loves me and I have always said it too but the whole experience I am talking about was the day, no, the moment that I really knew that I love Jon. I am not kidding you when I say moment. We were just sitting around and BAM! I swear I have a knew found empathy for the little cartoons with the light bulps randomly popping on over their heads. That is exactly what it felt like. I got an immediate feeling of just pure love. Not just the feeling to say I Love You but the feeling that Jonathan means more to me than I mean to myself, that I would absoultely do anything and everything to be with him and that I was finally complete because my other half was sitting right next to me.
Now I'm not sure if this is how it is for everyone, if in one moment when you are completely just not expecting it love hits you in the face, but wow. I have always been told that God has a plan for me but never have I ever felt like I was being reassured that the decisions I was making were the ones he wanted me to make until this moment. It really was the kick in the pants I needed to make this relationship permanent instead of off and on.
If moments like that only happen once in a life time then I am so happy that was mine. I don't know how any of the other Marine girlfriends, fiances, or wives feel when they are with their men but let me tell you a simple text messages makes my heart beat fast and my knees go weak.

So really the point of this emotional post was to share my moment. I will never ask God for anything ever again because he has given me everything I need.

Semper Fi<3

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  1. thats so great! i know that feelin of not really knowing if this is what you should really do but i felt so close and so strong to mark that last time he was home. something i've never felt before and i dont ever want it to go away! :)


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