Wednesday, July 15, 2009

we're Marines too...

Ok so here is something to think about. I read something recently that led to the impression that the women who stand by our marines are marines themselves. If you're thinking "I didn't go to bootcamp, I didn't go to war' or I didn't swear in to protect the nation" then think again.
Not every marine girlfriend has been through basic training but I'll explain this through my persepctive.
I didn't go through boot camp myself but half of who I am did. For 3 months my fiance was being broken down to be built into what the corps needed him to be. When he was being broken down so was I. When he was transformed into a marine I was transformed into a marine's fiance.
When Jonathan went to MCT he was being trained even more towards their goals and his. At home I was fine tuning my abilities at living the marine fiance lifestyle.
When Jonathan is home on leave I am also on leave. We both get leave from being away from eachother.
When our men go to war they are the ones fighting for our freedom there is no question in that, but we send our hearts with them. Our support and love keeps them going and their courage and commitment keeps us alive and fighting eachday.
Rank comes in to both of our lives as well. No, we can't be corporals or sargeants but we gradually move from Marine girlfriend, to marine fiance, and eventually to Marine wife.
They swear to protect our country and we swear to support and love them no matter how hard it gets.
No, technically we are not marines. We give up just as much as they do without the glory. I am so proud of everything my fiance does and for what all of the other marines do. They are the true heros.
Just remember, behind every hero is the love of his life telling him to keep going.

I'm not in this for the glory or the satisfaction. I just really appreciated someone saying this to me and I hope some of you can appreciate it as well.

He is my hero, but I'm his too<3

Semper Fi<3


  1. This is a great way to look at it. I love the part about being broken down in boot camp. So true! Thanks for sharing all of these awesome posts. I plan on reading them all and following your new blog.


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