Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The recent decision...

Jonathan just recently graduated from MCT (yesterday to be exact). We have been able to talk on the phone every day since sunday which has been AMAZING! We talk about everything which really makes it feel like he isn't even gone. Our most important conversation right now is when we are going to get married. He proposed in February but we never set a date. It's gone from August 2011 to after his first deployment to as soon as we can. We've both thought about it a lot and we were pretty set on waiting to get married until I finished my bachelors in 2011 but once he could talk to me after MCT he told me that he really wants to get married before he deploys. He actually said he was jealous of all the guys who got married on boot leave. I thought that was really cute because he was mad because he doesn't think they have a love like we do and why should they have been able to get married when we can't? haha. He's adorable<3 Anyways, the newest decision seems to be that we are going to get married as soon as we can. Just a simple court house wedding. From the start I've kind of leaned towards waiting to get married but then I realized that was so that it didn't seem like we were rushing things because of the Marines. After living as a marine fiance and going through boot camp and MCT I realize why people get married quickly. Jonathan and I are getting married reguardless of when and where. We were engaged before the Marines and we will be married after this is all over. He is really worried about us not being married by the time he deploys. He wants to make sure I have power of attorney and be on his life insurance and get his benefits so that he knows I am being taken care of while he is gone. It sounds so house wifey haha. I would feel really awful not being married before he deploys though. I know I would regret it once he went over seas. Wives have way more privledges than girlfriends or fiances do. I feel almost as if we would get more communication if we were married than if we weren't. Oh well anyways, that is our most recent decision so as of right now keep watching for the blog post saying "I"M MRS. JONATHAN SYKES!!!"

My hero, my love, my marine, my everything<3

Semper Fi<3


  1. I'm so happy for you. I wish Frank and I were married so I had power of attorney and everything else. In addition to loving him so much that I just want to be married to him forever, it makes things a lot easier. YAY! for you!

  2. Aw that's great. Being a girlfriend of a deployed Marine IS hard, but it isn't impossible. I am still in the loop, so if it comes down to it, don't worry! But I do hope you get to get married soon, we'll be waiting to see that blog post!!


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