Friday, July 17, 2009

Missing him...

So Jonathan is currently at MCT until the 28th. I have only gotten 2 phone calls in the 3 weeks he has been there and they were both in the first weekend he was there. I know I'm just crazy but I can't help but get these thoughts that he isn't thinking about me. I know I'm being silly but It's hard when you don't hear from him when you thought you would. I really hope that I hear from him soon or I might start to believe myself. NOT. haha. As I was having these rediculous thoughts I realized that no matter if I hear from him or not I know he loves me and is missing me just as much as I miss him. I just have to remind myself that he is always going to be busy and I know that if he had time to write me he would.

sorry that this is a little bit of a vent but hey, a girl needs to vent every now and then.

Stay strong.
Semper Fi.


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  1. Stay strong. It's even harder when they are half a world away and suck at being "communicators." One phone call in four months and no letters and a few one line emails are my life lines. You'll learn to take what you can get...really quickly!


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