Thursday, July 30, 2009

Just thinking...

I often find myself thinking about some of the most random things. Today while I was in class I started thinking about how I felt when Jonathan told me he was joining the marines. Needless to say I was completely terrified. We actually broke up for a little while because of it. Once we realized life wasn't worth it without each other we grew up and decided to face this together. Anyways, back to my daydreaming. After that I thought about how I felt while Jon was in boot camp. Once again completely terrified but not in the same way. More so that I was not going to hear from him or something was going to go wrong and he would get hurt. I think the fact that he stayed positive almost the entire time kept me thinking on the bright side. He always calls me his rock but really it's the other way around. There are so many girlfriends, fiance's and wives who focus on the fact that this is going to be so unbearable difficult that they can't see the big picture. I'm not saying this isn't hard. Oh boy is it hard. Being away from Jonathan for the majority of a year is not exactly plan A but if I decide to focus on the positives then the negatives stay out of my mind. Ok so here are a list of all the positives I can think of.

You appreciate eachother more than ever before.
Each day you love eachother more.
The fights that used to happen don't anymore because we don't waste our time on pointless arguments.
You get to write letters which allow you to take the time and write some of the most amazing things you will ever hear your man say. (And you have proof forever that he did actually say them!)
If you can be apart then you can be together. If you can last being away from eachother then you can last even longer once you get to be together.
You get lots and lots of pictures and so does he. Photo albums will fill your house and you will be so thankful for them later.
If you go through boot camp with your marine then you have a stronger connection with him than you can even imagine.
I'd say you make amazing friends with the other marine girlfriends, fiance's and wives but friends doesn't cover it. Sisters for life<3
You give up being with them all the time but you gain so much more.
Most women hate what their men do for a living. We are proud each and every day that the men we love, love us enough to fight for our freedom.
One look at him in uniform and I melt<3 (Camis preffered<3 haha)
We get our first kiss over and over and over again.
When he says he loves you, it makes your heart beat that much faster than before.

Ok so that was a little more than a few but it's still not all I have. I'm sure anyone can think of more. I mean even that, how many civilian boys can offer that? NONE. I wish I could go back in time and smack myself for almost ruining something I am so thankful for. I love the relationship that Jonathan and I have and I wouldn't trade it for anything. The distance has made our love unbreakable and I have never been happier. I am proud to say that I wait for him because he is waiting for me too.

My love, my life, my hero, my marine<3

Semper Fi<3

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