Friday, July 10, 2009

Getting creative

So I decided to get a little creative tonight. I've been meaning to make a frame with pictures of Jonathan and I for a while now so that I can take it to college with me. I originally planned on throwing a bunch of our pictures together on top of colored paper or something but while I was looking at paper I got a brilliant idea. Instead of using plain paper as a background I started with rows of the envelopes Jon sent his letters from boot camp in. There was about 3 rows of 6 in the back. On top of that I added my favorite letters that he sent me. He was always good at sending cute little sayings that made me smile so I wanted to be able to easily see them whenever I needed a good cheering up. Next I added our pictures. I found cute little stickers and put them throughout and added our names to the top.

Now whenever I look at the pictures of us I see the story too. I don't just enjoy looking at him but I get to experience all the feelings he sent me in his letters. I was extremely proud of myself for this :-) I'm about as artistically capable as a kindergartner so when I put this together I couldn't help but want to share it.

Feel free to share some of your creativity. I love hearing new ideas.

Semper Fi<3

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  1. I love that Jonathan is so committed to sending you letters! Frank and I didn't meet until he was a S.Sgt., so he is pretty set in his ways. I keep begging for letters--he is in Afghanistan, but none have come. He's busy and has a lot of responsibility, but I keep thinking if I could have "trained" him when he was in boot camp or during his first deployment, I would be getting some. I love the frame you made!!


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