Thursday, July 9, 2009

First vs. Last...

On my drive home from work today I started thinking about the day I saw Jon for the first time in 3 months. After day dreaming for a little bit I switched thoughts to the last time I saw him before he got on his plane to MCT. My question for you is which moment would mean more; Your first moments in 3 months or your last moments for a very long time?

I remember how I felt when I first saw Jonathan. I talked a little about this already. I wasn't sure what I was going to feel or how I was going to react but once it all happened I was astounded at the intensity of it all. Seeing Jon for the first time is something I will remember forever. Just thinking about how I felt keeps me going every day.

On the other hand, saying goodbye is the toughest thing a marine girlfriend, fiance, or wife will ever have to do. You feel like crying but you hold it in because you know want his last picture of you to be of you being strong, not weak. Although it's tough it's something worth remembering. I mean think about it. Those last few moments are going to the what you have to motivate yourself to get out of bed every morning with. They need to live up to a lot. Those last few moments have to be incredible. Yes you're in an airport with a bunch of grumpy travelers so it's not the ideal romantic setting where as running to the love of your life with your arms open is pretty much top 5 most romantic things ever. As a marine you're trained to deal with what you have and make the best of it. Same goes for marine girlfriends, wives, and fiances. Jon picked me up and kissed me and let me tell you our kisses are like Disney World fireworks every time. (You know Disney has the best fireworks ever.)

Now that I've laied down some of what I feel I think that the 2 can't be put against each other. You're firsts are what keep you look forward to and you're lasts are what push you. They are both important and they are both amazing.

Feel free to agree or disagree. I'd love to hear some opinions :-)

Semper Fi<3

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  1. I've only had a goodbye, not a hello. My hello is way too far off, still. I broke down; I couldn't hold it together, but I will never forget that hug or those kisses or the whisper in my ear that "I'll be back for you, I promise." The goodbye is a memory I hold on to, but the coming home is what keeps me going. It's something to look forward to--a moment where he is back in my arms and my life is complete again. I live knowing he'll be coming home.


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