Saturday, July 11, 2009

Who decides who gets their wish at 11:11?

How many of you stare at the clock until 11:11 strikes? We'll you guys need to get a life. I don't stalk the clock until it's 11:11 but I do enjoy when I randomly catch it during the day or night. It's a thing Jonathan and I have always done. When he could use his phone he would always text me right at 11:11 saying "It's 11:11 guess what I wished for?" or "11:11 I wished for you<3." He was usually the first one to catch it but every now and then I got to be the first one. Our little wishes were silly and playful. Obviously he never needed to wish for me because he always had me but he knew I loved when he said things like that. Now my question is who decides who gets their wish at 11:11? Before Jon joined the marines I was ok with not getting my wish because I always wished for things I knew I would have. Now I wish for Jon's safety, to be able to see him again, for a simple phone call, but nothing. I don't cheat the system by stalking the clock all day. I actually randomly catch it. I guess if you don't believe in magic, fate, miracles, or destiny then you probably think I'm crazy. I know there are some of you that do understand that everyone needs a little magic in their lives even if it's a simple wish being granted. If you happen to catch a magical 11:11 make sure your wish counts. Make it something worthwhile because even if it doesn't come true, you'll feel better knowing you could have wished for a purple unicorn instead but decided not to.

Semper Fi<3

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