Monday, August 24, 2009

It's been awhile...(edited)

I haven't posted in a long time because I have been sooooo BUSY!! I have wedding planning, a class finishing up, and packing to do! Surprisingly I am not overwhelmed, just super busy! I have a lot done for my wedding already and it still feels like I have a million more things to do! I actually do have a million more things to do but since I won't know the for sure date for a little bit I have to hold off. I have my dress headpiece and veil, the bridal party's dresses, the guys tuxes are picked out but not ordered yet, we know what church we want to get married at, I have my centerpieces about 1/2 complete, I have a favor idea in mind, OMG I NEED SHOES!!, Jon's sister is doing the photography which is absolutely incredible!!! (I'll post pictures after so everyone can see how amazing she is), I have an idea of what the reception will look like and what will be served, the wedding cake is being designed as we speak, and my invitations are picked out and ready to be printed! I think I got everything in there. Anyways I still need to find a reception venue, music, and caterer. Which if you look at it is only 3 things but they are the biggest things. Military wedding planning is an art let me tell you.

Semper Fi<3

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