Monday, November 2, 2009

My heart, my world, my everything<3

Today I am in one of those moods. The one where all you want to do is be right there next to him with his arms wrapped tight around you. I'm not really sad though. We have 2 months from today until we are getting married! :-) I can't even describe how happy that makes me.

Lately I have been thinking about how people show their love or express it. I remember before I fell in love I thought love was the best word ever. I wanted to be in love, to feel love, really anything to do with love. Now that I have found the love of my life I feel like that word just doesn't cover it. When I say I Love You Jonathan I feel like it should be followed by something. "I Love You, you are such an amazing person." "I Love You, everything you are is everything to me." SOMETHING. I Love You doesn't cover how I feel about him. I feel like I am missing it. Missing the one thing I can do or say that will be like YES!! That is it. That is what I want you to know. That is exactly how I feel.

Maybe it's not meant to be described. Maybe their aren't words to cover how I feel because the best part about being someone's soul mate is knowing they feel the exact same way. No explanation needed. The feelings I get when I am with him, close to him, or even just thinking about him make me feel like he knows exactly what I feel.
Thinking about him I smile, seeing him I get warm all over, touching him I feel complete and kissing him I melt.

I just completely and fully love him. He is my everything. None of this probably made any sense to anyone because it was just a whole lot of feelings thrown into one blog. Oh well.

I Love You Jonathan Christopher Sykes<3 I can't wait to be your wife<3

Semper Fi<3

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