Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Hurry up already!

I just realized that this weekend is Halloween already!! And Jonathan's birthday of course<3 That means that next week Jon graduates from MOS and joins the fleet!! Woohoo!! It feels like it has been forever. After this week I have 7 weeks of classes left. 1 of which I have off for Thanksgiving!!! The first 8 weeks of the semester flew by. I hope the last 7 do the same. Only 66 days left until Jon and I are married!! Then I'll be moving down to NC!!!! I cannot express how incredibly excited I am! Not only do I get to be in my favorite state but I get to be married to the most incredible man and see him more than once every couple months!! (until he deploys anyways) Pray that time flies by for me. I can already see myself not coming back for the last 2 weeks of classes after Thanksgiving break haha.

Semper Fi<3


  1. Thats all SO exciting! I can't wait until you are in North Carolina! Me, you and Katie are most def going to have to get together! :)

  2. I know!! I am so excited to meet you guys :-)


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