Thursday, October 15, 2009


Jon found out today where we will be living for the next 3 years.


Jon got stationed at Lejune so I will be moving with him soon!! :-)
That's all for now. 78 days until I'm Mrs. Sykes<3

Semper Fi<3


  1. Congrats! I'm really excited for you guys:) Not so excited about my lack of a place to visit on spring break:) Seriously, that is sooo great and I bet he is relieved too!

  2. I'm glad too! So much easier for traveling and he can take his truck! Its GREAT news! Love ya <3

  3. I haven't decided if I'm going in January or in May. But I will definitely be there by May :-)

    We are sooo excited. Yes, not being in Hawaii is a little bit of a downer but North Carolina is where we both wanted to be so we can't help but be thrilled :-)

  4. YAY!! I'm in Lejeune, too. We'll have to get together! It's not Hawaii, but it's not that bad, either.

  5. It's not Hawaii but it's where I have wanted to live my whole life so I'm sooo excited!! We will definitely have to get together. It looks like I will be there in January :-)

  6. The three of us will have to get together! Me and Katie will take you out for Mexican food when we all need to vent LOL :)

  7. Hi I'm chrissy. I've never actually introduced myself even though I peek into your blog every now and then. lol. I'm in NC too, not Jacksonville though. I live in Havelock. My husband is stationed at Cherry Point. I find learning about the lives of other marine girls helps me deal with the every day stresses of my life. I don't know, I guess knowing that I'm not the only one helps a lot. Good luck with your wedding and your move. I hope it's lovely. You and your Fiance are in my prayers.


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