Monday, October 5, 2009

oh college....

I have 3 roommates. 1 of which is an immature, selfish, self-absorbed, spoiled, bratty, biooootchhhhhhh. Our room is 3 vs. 1. The only way we can get this girl out is by her saying she wants to leave. We don't know what to do. I have anxiety attacks just thinking about going into my room. When I do walk into my room I feel as if I'm walking into HER room. If you so much as look at her things she starts a fight. It's beyond ridiculous. I don't need this. I want to be in North Carolina with Jon :-(

4 more days until I see him!!! I pick him up at the airport midnight on Friday!! I cannot wait to be with him. He always makes me feel better no matter what the problem is. It's been wayyyy too long since we've been together. Life just isn't the same without him.

I just have to make it until December and then this awful roommate with be gone and I will be getting married to the most incredible man<3
Life is pretty damn good<3 (minus the roommate haha)

Semper Fi<3

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