Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Christmas Party

So last night Jon and I went to his work Christmas Party. It was a lot nicer than I expected actually.

It was all decorated and lights were dim so that the christmas lights would stand out. They had a lot of really good singers and Santa was there for the little kids.

We had dinner, which wasn't amazing but it meant I didn't have to cook that night. I got to meet a lot of the people Jon works with and had some good laughs.

They had give aways but Jon and I didn't stay for that. We gave our tickets to his friend and left early.

I think all the little kids running around sniffling and coughing got me sick. I came home at 6 and forced myself to stay awake until 8. As soon as I hit the pillow I passed out.

It seemed like everyone had babies. It makes me so excited for Abigail to join us in this world. Plus it got me very excited for Christmas at home!

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  1. Yeah I went to Mike's Christmas party today and it seemed like everyone had kids. I felt so weird since I don't have any! Glad you had fun though! Love the festive layout!


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