Monday, December 13, 2010

I've discovered something.

All this time I have hated grocery shopping and I could never quite figure out why. Until now.

I hate grocery shopping so much because I always spend so much and then when I get home I still feel like we have nothing. It doesn't make any sense to me! I got everything on our grocery list and usually fill the entire cart but once it's unpacked it's like nothing. Why is that?

Maybe because I usually am buying ingredients instead of munchy foods. Being pregnant I am always looking for munchy foods and when we don't have them, because I don't buy them, I feel like we have nothing haha.

I'm off to do the horrendous task once again. But I'm not so grumpy about it because I have a short list and it's the last time I'll have to go for 2 weeks since we head home on Saturday!! Yay!


  1. I always feel like this too, like the pantry just never looks full no matter what I spend AND I alwaysssss forget something, grr!

  2. Mmm yeah, I buy a lot of ingredients too... but I also buy a lot of snacks, for in between meals! Granola bars, fruit, popcorn, etc. I think I mostly hate grocery shopping because it costs so much AND I have no space to put all the foods in my kitchen!


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