Friday, December 10, 2010


USMC Cpl. Derek Wyatt died Dec. 6 while serving in Afghanistan. He leaves behind a wife and a newborn son named in his honor, who was born approx. 24 hours after news of his death!

I didn't know him personally, but a friend posted this as her status today to spread awareness that men and women are still dying overseas. 

Those of you who read my blog know that this story hits way too close to home. I'm sure it would to anyone with children and a deployed husband. 

Prayers and thoughts to his family and friends but especially to his incredibly strong wife. For her to get the strength to deliver a healthy baby the day after she finds out her husband has died is a miracle. 


  1. Thats so heart breaking. My thoughts are with her and her family.

    I hate hearing this kind of stuff, because I just really wish it didnt happen but thank you for posting about it. It really puts all my problems in perspective.

    Also, my thoughts and well wishes are with you. Even though I havent been a follower of yours for long, from what I have read, it really appears that you are a really strong woman.

  2. Thank you. All family members of the military are strong. I don't ever feel very strong. I just tell myself to keep going and it seems to do the job.


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