Friday, April 9, 2010

Just a little day dreaming...

My car is a P.O.S. Pardon my french even if it's abbreviated. Something new breaks on it almost every other day. It's pretty ridiculous. I got it as a hand me down from my mom and she drove it quite a bit. It's a 2003 Hyundai Elantra with something like 165,000 miles on it. Yea, that's a lot! Also, probably the reason it likes to fall apart. Anyways, I need a new car. I have always wanted an SUV because lets face it, in good time Jon and I will be starting a family and I want to be the soccer mom but I put my foot down when it comes to the minivan. So, the SUV is the next best thing :-) Here is what I want.

A Mercury Mariner in black pearl slate. I have been in love with this SUV for quite a while and well if I am going to get a new car this is what I am going to get. It's not that bad price wise. It's something like $21,000 brand new. That is like $270 a month payments or around there. The problem arises with me not being able to find a job. Such a bummer. I really need a job or else I am going to go stir crazy! Plus, we could use the extra money.

So for now I will day dream about my beautiful future SUV. Eventually I will have it in my drive way :-)

I Love You Mr. Sykes<3

Semper Fi<3


  1. Oh that car is glorious! Sleek, shiny, sexy.... definitely a great soccer mom car! Ha ha seriously love it :)

    &hearts, Mrs. S.

  2. I have a pos, my pos is worse than yours, lol. it's an '88 grand marquis haha so i've been daydreaming about a new car too, i want the Ford Escape, i'm looking at used ones just so i can get one sooner.

    but i like the merc SUV you've picked out, it looks gorgeous. plus merc is a good make they tend to last forever, hence why my car is so old.


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