Saturday, April 24, 2010

My shopping list.

Things I need...

Things I can't just pick up on isle 3...
-All of the above.

So it't probably not a huge surprise that my husband and I are pretty awful with the whole distance ordeal. We argue quite a bit over lots of different things. It's super stressful. We always make up and at least attempt to find a solution to everything but it is still just stressful and hurts.

I know that he feels like I am always blaming him and sometimes I guess I am. If there is one thing I have learned over time it's that boys and girls do NOT think anywhere near anything that could be called similar. We have different thought processes and ideas of how or why we do things. This makes it especially difficult with distance in the mix because it's so hard for me to understand why he says or does things. I try and I guess in the end that is all I can do but it's hard knowing the Marine Corps has so much to do with this. I just wish I could understand.

I know I am a strong woman. I have made it through boot camp with my husband and moved 12 hours away from my family and hometown to start my life with my amazing husband. I look toward our future and know that we're going to face deployments. Not just deployments but these little separations as well. I thought I was strong but I feel like I need a boost of whatever they give our marines during boot.

This is the other problem with distance. I am left to myself to think constantly. Someone come over and pinch me or something.

I Love You Mr. Sykes<3

Semper Fi<3


  1. I hope you feel better about things. You are stronger than you think, we all are, and if you have moments where you want to scream in frustration then do it in the privacy of your own house then get over it, tell him you love him and go out and stay busy!

  2. It's separations like these that help you build up the strength for long deployments. After my husband and I got married years back...he was sent to Okinawa for a year tour without me. After that year...he was re assigned for 3 more, with me. So off I went millions of miles away from all family and friends. BUT it made me stronger!! The hubs just left this morning for VA for a course for a few months and Im totally bummed because he just got back from Afghan like 3 weeks ago! I feel your pain...even a couple months and I'm feeling sad about it. Keep your chin up though! The second he is back in your arms...all those days/months just fade away :)

  3. I know. I need to keep remembering that it does go by fast and it's not the end of the world. I am strong and I know I can get through anything. I just have those days every now and then where I wish I didn't have to be so strong.


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