Thursday, May 6, 2010

School, babies, working? HEADACHE!

Ok, I can't really say I didn't see this coming. I knew that getting married at 19 would present it's challenges. It's been too good to be true so far so I figured something was gong to pop up in our lives eventually.

So as you all probably know, college is a huge pain in my butt. If college were a person I'd prolly knock it out with one solid punch and then kick it when it was down. I know that a lot of military wives end up not finishing college for whatever reasons. We all know the reasons. Either babies came or the fact that it is really hard to go to college when you don't chose where you live and never stay anywhere too long. My problem is that I haven't finished my bachelors and at this point in my life I am not sure I want to. I'll lay out a pros cons list for you.

I'd have my degree and inevitably make more money.
Sense of accomplishment.

Have never been 100% positive on a major and don't want to waste money figuring it out.
Moving so much limits ways of getting a degree.
Moving also limits job availability and therefore could make a degree pointless.

There are probably others but I got bored with that fast. Obviously I can list more cons than pros. I would love to have a degree and rinse myself of college for good. BUT I don't see that happening. I have transferred from my community college where I got my associates in LIberal Arts, to Champlain college for business, to Champlain ONLINE for business, to UNCW for nursing but I meant recreational therapy they are just dumb (but I would be starting there in the fall). So clearly I don't know what I want. What is the point of taking all of these classes and not getting any closer to a degree? There isn't one.

As for moving around so much you would think online would be the solution. Well there are 2 big problems for me with that. 1) I am no where near motivated enough to do my work and do it well. 2) Since there is no way of telling what you are doing or not doing quality suffers and I feel like I don't actually learn anything. This could be because I was taking classes for a major I didn't care for. Or it could be because I honestly and deeply hate school. No idea.

This is all brought up because my husband decided to talk about it today. I don't want to stay at my current job too long since it is physically wearing me out and well, it sucks in general. I am scheduled to start at UNCW in the fall but the problem there is that it is an hour away from our house. I wouldn't be able to work since fitting around classes plus the drive would be nearly impossible. I never really thought about the drive until my husband told me I would hate it more than my job. Then I started thinking about how long an hr drive really is and well, he's right.

As of right now I think school is on hold...

Now the job situation is my problem. I want another job but I want something I will actually enjoy doing and pays well. Yea, dream land I know I know. Photography is big on my list of ideas right now. My neighbor is a photographer and I got to talking about it the other day. There is tons of opportunities and demand around here and I am sure around any military base. There are homecoming pics, baby pics, engagement pics, wedding pics... TONS OF PICS!!! My uncle is an amazing wedding photographer and actually did our wedding along with my sister in law who is an up and coming photographer. They are both INCREDIBLE at what they do and have simultaneously sparked my interest.

Maybe if my wonderful, amazing, super awesome husband gets me the cannon rebel xsi that I want oh so badly for my birthday, I can start looking into doing that. :-) WINK WINK HINT HINT HINT HINT HINT HINT!!!! :-)

Oh right. The title of this blog has the word babies in it. I should probably touch on that then. WE"RE PREGNANT!!!!!
Ha. Got you.
We're not pregnant, yet. Apparently we will be in June. My mom has a friend who is a psycho, I mean psychic and she swears that Jon and I are going to be pregnant in June. I guess we will see!
Just a little side note, we wouldn't hate it ;-)

I guess that is all I have to say for now. What I would absolutely positively LOVE is some feedback/advice/life stories ANYTHING to help me with my decisions. Have any of you stopped going to school and just worked? I need something, anything at this point.

Getting married is a life changing decision and that was a piece of cake. I wish all of my decisions were that easy.

I Love You Mr. Sykes<3

Semper Fi<3


  1. Putting school on hold might not be a bad idea. Honestly, my history degree is a waste. I wish I waited and went to school later..and maybe I'd have a degree I could actually use.

  2. THANK YOU!!!! I am so glad someone actually understands my logic from that point of view. I just don't feel like college is what I should be spending my time on right now you know? But I have my dad in the back of my head telling me I need my degree or life will suck. gahhhhh.

  3. My Dad was the exact same way. And if I quit, he probably would have been pissed..but I would have saved him money!!!

  4. Thank you!! My entire marriage/ever since I met my hubby, my MIL & FIL have always treated me like an idiot for stopping school so hubbs could go full time. They talk down to me and call me a college drop out. Now that we PCS'ed and are here for a year or so, I was like hey, I'll show them! I am miserable. I mean absolutely miserable doing school. I have no idea what to do and I hate wasting my time and money. I think you should do what you feel is right for you. If you don't "feel" anything, do what you WANT to do. Seriously.

    ♥ Mrs. S.

  5. Thank you so much!! It really helps knowing other women are going through this or have gone through this. I try so hard to focus on what I want and need but my parents voices are always in my head. I need to kick them out and live my life!!

  6. I totally understand where you're coming from (even though I'm finishing college this semester) and I wish I had thought more about what I wanted to do before doing 4 years of changing my mind. If school isn't in the cards right now, then maybe it is better to take time off until you have the time/energy to do it. Personally, I hate online classes because I don't feel I learn anything and it's so hard to know whether or not you are even doing the right thing or not. I had my mom drilling into my head that I wouldn't amount to anything unless I had a degree. I don't regret getting it but if you aren't feelin' it, then I would just take the time off and do what YOU want. =)

  7. OK, I was reading this post on my BlackBerry, while in non-moving traffic yesterday afternoon at the Piney Green gate. Because the screen is so small, I didn't see the "HA. GOT YOU" until I scrolled down. My stomach did a little flip for you when I read that! You really got me!

  8. HAHA!! I got my friend Anna too. Love it!


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