Saturday, May 1, 2010

Well hello May!

Ladies it is another month! This is a significant change in our lives. I get to see my husband again this month! 17 days from today I should have my husbands arms wrapped tight around me<3 I know other girls get to see their men this month too so congrats!!!

My neighbor's husband just came home from 6 1/2ish months in Afghanistan. She got to introduce him to their baby boy last night! It was so romantic and sweet and just made me oh so excited for my hubby to come home!

In other news, my husband picks up Lance Corporal today! I am so very proud of him! I know that it isn't until Corporal where you really start to earn your rank but he is just such an amazing Marine and truly deserves every acknowledgement he achieves.

So this month is full of great things! Before I end this short little burst of happiness I wanted to say hey to all of my new followers! I love the comments you leave me! It's surprising and great to know that people actually read some of the hoo hah I write on here. I am trying to keep up with you all. If I haven't returned the favor and followed your blog let me know!! I want to be apart of your writing as much as you are in mine.

I Love You Mr. Sykes<3

Semper Fi<3


  1. Yay for promotions!!! Very exciting! I hope you get to pin him on!!

  2. I wont get to pin him. he is in Yuma. I guess I might if he isnt pinned until hes home. We'll see!!

    And I know yay!! And Yay for getting to meet your precious baby!!

  3. I'm so happy that you get to see your husband this month! I do too! And congrats to the hubby for being promoted! That's so exciting! Even though it doesn't seem like he's "earning" his rank, it's still a big accomplishment! =)

  4. i love your sweet blog : ) congratulations to your husband! he earned it!



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