Sunday, May 9, 2010

Sing it Sundays? Sure!!

You have probably heard all of these already so I'm not introducing you to anything new. I just want to share the music that made my emotions run around this week.

First of all my happy songs.

I am so excited that Train has a new album out. Specifically the song Hey Soul Sista.

I love this song. I have always loved Train. I remember back in 8th grade Drops of Jupiter was mine and one of my old boyfriends songs haha. ANYWHOOO, Train is an amazing band and this song makes me happy every time I hear it so listen to it!!

Next up is Usher with OMG. This song just has an awesome beat and if you listen to the words it'll make you laugh. Honey got a booty like pow pow pow. Talk about songs that want to make you dance!

Now for my mellow song of the week. Don Williams I Believe in you. It's an older song that has been chillen out on the country stations lately. It warms my heart and calms me down. It's a really sweet song.

My ultimate favorite song of the week is.....Give Me a Sign by Breaking Benjamin.
Idk what it is about this song that I love so much. Ben Burnley has such an amazing voice. If you read the lyrics you'd think it was a depressing song about failure. When you put the lyrics with the music it feels more of a gaining strength song. At least that's how I take it. It just sounds uplifting and moving. No matter how you take it you have to admit it's a damn good song!

So those are my music choices of the week. Of course there are tons of other songs out there that make me think of Jon. Every time I hear a country song I think of him singing in the car and my heart melts. These songs are more of a when I hear them I get excited except for the last one. The last one makes me feel like we will always be there for eachother which makes me happy but blahh cause hes not here. Can't win!!


9 days<3
I Love You Mr. Sykes<3

Semper Fi<3


  1. I loooove Train! They are amazing in concert!

  2. He was on, I think, QQ country station down here earlier this week!!! I was like OMFG OMFG OMFG OMFG!! I was sooo close to ditching work and finding where he was lol.


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