Sunday, March 6, 2011

What the hell!

So why can't pregnant women or moms get a break? I just went through 9 months of hell and now I have to endure the pain that comes along with breastfeeding. Are you seriously kidding me with this?

It feels like my nipples are being sawed off when she eats. I don't think her latch is wrong but maybe. Then this whole engorgement business. My boobs are not only ginormous but they are incredibly painful. My left boob is so engorged that my daughter can't feed. My areola is hard and pulled my nipple inward slightly making it difficult for her to latch on.

It's pure hell. I started pumping a little out of my left boob to get the swelling down and make my nipple protrude enough for her to latch. That seems to work, sometimes. Today my nipples hurt so bad that I literally sat there and balled my eyes out while she ate. I ended up pumping my left boob into a bottle and fed her that way because not only would she not latch on that side but it was sooo painful.

Now since pumping is still breast milk it seems like it would be the ideal situation. No. Pumping still hurts my nipples. It's extremely time consuming, you have to warm the bottles before feedings, and it's nowhere near as convenient as just giving her a boob.

I don't know what to do. Everyone says the pain passes but it's not like it's even a bearable discomfort. It's straight up worse than being sliced open for a c section.

I don't want to switch to formula but I don't think I can handle this much longer.

Help :-(


  1. :( I'm sorry girl. I wish I had advice. But I do still have that hands-free bra thing if you want it.

  2. Honestly, for me, the first week was no fun. It really did get better after that-until my daughter cut her first tooth at 4 months. :/ Anyhow, I'd recommend a hot compress and ibuprofen. It helped me.

  3. STICK WITH IT! I promise it will get easier. Not only are YOU learning, but baby is too. Its new to the both of you. It hurts for a little whle. When I say hurt, I mean want to rip off your boobs type of hurt. Remember when you first begin to nurse, Get really comfortable in your chair, sit back all the way and bring the baby to your boob, DO NOT bring the boob to the baby. Thats a huge mistake mommies make a lot. Also, my #1 piece of advice. GET a lactation consultant. She will come to your house and sit with your for hours if needed. She knows the in and outs of boobs, babies and everything you need to do for nursing. She even has tools :) I couldnt have nursed my kids for 13 months without my lactation consultant handy. I even contemplated becoming one because they are such amazing women.

    It WILL get easier though, I swear. Im not going to go on about whats best for your baby because you already know, its breastmilk. People will argue the formula/breastmilk thing all day. But its the ladies who ditched out on boob feeding because it was "too hard" that say formula is JUST the same. Its not. We all know. Good luck, you can do this!!! Feel free to ask anything, anytime,

  4. I'd say maybe call your OB and see if they can set you up with a lactation consultant? They specialize in all things breastfeeding so they could help.

    Sorry things are tough right now :(!

  5. I don't know much about it myself but Don't give up its worth it all the great benefits your giving your baby girl. I found this blog and the mama is talking a lot about breastfeeding. check it out.
    Semper Fi, Amber joy


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