Friday, June 25, 2010

Ahhhh, Friday.

Today is the day I wait all week for. I am praying that my work day goes by super fast and that Mr. Sykes gets out of work on time or maybe even early. We want to go see Grown Ups but we are not late show people. Actually, I really can't wait until tomorrow. We are going to the beach :-) I absolutely LOOOOOVEEEE going to the beach. It's so calming and you can't help but feel good. Well, for the first hour or so. Then the sand starts to be a pain in the butt and you realize that the ocean floor and beach should be made of something a little less annoying. You go in the ocean to wash it off but the ocean has it's own annoying texture. Blahhh. There is no going around it. 

Hopefully this weekend Nicole from Flip Flops and Combat Boots and I will be double dating at some point. Maybe triple dating if we can get Katie from Diary of a Disgruntled Marine Girlfriend and her lover boy Frank to join us. OMG! Ladies pleaseeeeeee can we?? That would be super amazing. 

Am I a bad person for it being past 5 months since our wedding and I still haven't sent thank you's out? I feel awful but holy cow time flies. There is a little old lady from home who gave us this really pretty antique either ash tray or relish dish. She is really old so she is really old fashioned and Mr Syke's Grandmother constantly has to remind us to send her a thank you note because she is getting all fussy! It's not like we are ungrateful. We just are very forgetful. One of these days I am going to sit down and write everyone a thank you. Until then, I am writing the little old lady one because I don't want to keep disappointing her when she goes to her mailbox! 

Anyways, this weekend is a super duper special one. I just realized that we can have a quadruple date!!! Anna from Showtimes and Dog Tags will be coming down this weekend!! FINALLY!!! Let me tell you, we have been planning this very moment since the boys went to boot camp. Her, Angela and I have  been planning how awesome it would be if all our men got stationed at the same base, preferably Lejeune, and well 2 out of 3 we got it! Unfortunately Angela's knucklehead of a Marine fiance broke off the engagement and relationship all together. I think he just needs time to be a marine or something. Sooooo angry at him BUTTTT, luckily Angela only lives a couple hours away! We are all going to be in the same state. Woohoo!! From my birthday weekend I happen to now know that there is a fantastic seafood place in Angela's town so if seeing her isn't enough of an incentive then that seafood sure will help! haha. 

Gotta go. It's working time!

I Love You Mr. Sykes<3

Semper Fi<3


  1. Katie and Frank are going away for the 4th, so we want to have a post-4th of july cookout. 5th of july lol. I want to make red, white and blue drinks with pop rocks!

    and i totally sent my thank yous out 2 days after the wedding lol. Mom always said I couldn't cash checks or use the money until I wrote them out!

    Sunday, me and you, free ritas. I wish there was alcohol in them. lol! I wish the mall around here was better, I want to go shoppingggg!

  2. This was like a mini post haha. A post 4 of July cook out sounds great! Is it definitely going to be the 5th? If so would it be later? I know Jon will have to go and check in at some point that day and his mom and sister are leaving I am assuming before 12 but well see. If it's like a dinner thing then we are in. If it's a lunch thing I don't think we can do it the 5th :-(

    As for the thank yous... I soo wish I could have gotten them out the next day!! We were moving down here and from there on it's blurry and history haha. I feel so awful I really need to do them.

    Free Ritas is a definite!! I WISH I could go shopping. Jon and I are implementing a new budget and for some reason it feels like we have even less money than before. I think it's because I get paid by each of the realtors out of pocket instead of a check. So if they aren't in the office on a pay day then I don't get paid that day or they forget constantly. It's really annoying actually.

    Ugh. And now I just did a mini post on my post too! haha

  3. I hear ya about the budget. You're talking to the girl who doesn't work!! Ask Danny about how Nazi-like I am with the budget!

    And yess, it will def be for dinner!


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