Sunday, June 20, 2010

Birthday and fathers day.

Yesterday was my birthday and today is fathers day. You can guess where this post is going.

So lets start with my bday. My husband surprised me with a trip through Europe!! We went to France, England, Italy, Germany and Rome!! Before you get all jealous let me explain. He surprised me with a trip to Busch Gardens in Virginia!! They have their park set up like all different countries around the world. It was pretty awesome. They have some amazing roller coasters and food there. We saw bald eagles and wolves, oh and butterflies. Haha. Another thing we saw was a TON of boots. By boots I assume you know I mean marines straight out of boot camp. The park is right next to a navy base so we expected some military men but not a bunch of boots. When I say boots I am talking marine paraphernalia everywhere possible. It was like they were screaming to the world that they were marines. I get it, be proud. BUT remember that you have a responsibility now. You were told to be inconspicuous about your job in public. Did you not hear about the 17 or w/e Afghanistan army people who are missing over here?? HELLOOOOO!!!!!! Use your common sense!

A couple of them were even talking about what they do!! SERIOUSLY??!??!?! The worst part... they're friggin intel. I know this because they were talking loud enough for me to hear. They might as well have said "Hey, over here!! I know lots of secret military stuff that could be of use to you! Come and get me!!" I could have dealt with them dressing like marines that will come with time, but they should know better than to talk about things like that. Just frustrates me.

ANYWAYSSSS, back to the important stuff, my birthday!! :-) Friday night we drove to the border and stayed in Elizabeth City. My husband and I stop at our hotel and walk into the lobby. Someone says "Happy Birthday!" and I immediately turned to say Thank You but all I got out was the Thank part because it was one of my best friends, Angela!!!! I was super duper excited so of course I screamed. haha. I didn't even consider how a stranger would know it was my birthday. I am just super polite I guess haha. We went to dinner after and then a dirt race which made my husband super duper happy. He lovessssss racing. I have to admit, it really wasn't too awful. I kind of enjoyed it. But that was Friday night before Busch Gardens. We came home Saturday night and had a bon fire with the neighbors.

Today is FATHERS DAY!! So, Happy Father's Day to my daddy and to all the other dads and soon to be dads out there! I love my dad. He is such a great guy. I can't be with him today but I called and sent him the most amazing card EVER that he should be getting tomorrow. If this card doesn't make him cry then I'll be super surprised haha.

Dad, if you're reading this, I love you so much. Just because I am "all grown up" and living states away doesn't change anything. I still need you and love you and am so proud that your my dad.

For all of you who don't have your dads with you anymore, or your husbands, keep smiling. I am sure they are right next to you wishing they were here too. Stay strong.

I Love You Mr. Sykes<3

Semper Fi<3

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