Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I'm being an awful blogger!

I am so sorry about the lack of posting. Between my new job and wanting to spend every possible second with my husband I am finding my blog lower and lower on the to do list. I wish that wasn't so! Let me try and catch you up since nothing too extravagant has happened anyways...

First of all, I am so incredibly happy my husband is home!!! There is talk of deployment in the not so near yet not so far future so please don't delete my blog because I promise there will be a time when I can, will need to, and will update my blog at least once a day again.

You know those amazing tempurpedic mattresses? Well I can't afford one but I did splurge on the pillow!! It was amazing for the whole 3 days I had it. Yea, had, as in past tense. My wonderful, loving, adorable puppy chewed it to pieces. When I say pieces I mean pieces. There wasn't an inch of floor in my entire house that wasn't covered with it. I screamed and then cried a little. Stupid dogs.

Oh and then he followed it up by trying to chew my replacement pillow. Let me tell you I was furious.

One of my best friends was here for just under a month. It was awesome having her around. I felt bad because when she got down here I was just starting my new job so I'm still not fully working from home yet, just partially. Anyways, that meant she was just kinda chillen for the majority of the time. We did take her to the beach a couple times though. She has never seen the ocean so that was pretty awesome. Plus I actually got in the ocean, for the first time in like 10 years!! No exaggeration. I really hate(d) the ocean. It still scares me a lot but it's just so damn warm and fun to jump over the waves. I do still despise the damn sand though.

My birthday is in 11 days!!! Although I am really not all that excited. Those exclamation points were just for effect. Last year was my 19th and you know how they say the year your turn the age of your bday is your best year? SOOOOO TRUE!!! On my birthday I got to watch my fiance graduate boot camp!! I literally got him for my birthday!! It was amazing!! Absolutely the happiest day of my life. THEN within the same year we decided to get married!! We were going for a long engagement but neither of us have the patience. haha. So about 4 months after deciding that, we got married!!! Then the day after our wedding we moved to North Carolina. I have gotten him for a little over 4 of the 6 months we have been married so far. That is incredible I would say. But anyways, that leads us to 11 days from now... I will turn 20, not 21, so it isn't that big in itself anyways. BUT how the heck am I going to top last year??? I don't need to top the whole year just my birthday but still, it's an impossible feat. I guess we'll see how it goes!

I think I'll be getting a dryer for my birthday, since ours just broke. What I really want? The beautiful magnificence that is the Canon Rebel XSi. It's an amazing starter camera and I want it SOOOOOOOOO badly, but it costs a pretty penny and now that we need a new dryer I just don't want my hubbers to go buy it for me. So, eventually I will get it, just probably not in 11 days. But hey mom? dad? if you're reading this, just a thought<3 Since you always ask me what I want anyways. Wink Wink ;-)

On a sadder note, I am the shottiest friend there ever was, will be or is. One of my best friends had her bridal shower this past Sunday and I couldn't get up to NY to attend. I feel awful. I just got slammed with work that I still haven't even had time to finish because the pile is taller than I am. It's ridiculous if you ask me. BUT the point is I suck. I feel bad, and she hasn't texted me back or anything which makes me feel even lamer since I should have called but I didn't because I had to run to work when I remembered I needed to remind her again. Yea, I am that girl. Someone throw a tomato at me.

Ok, ok I'll stop rambling. But seriously. Anna, I love you girl, I wish I could have been there. Please don't hate me! Then we won't be able to have all this awesome fun were going to have when you come here.

I Love You Mr. Sykes<3

Semper Fi<3


  1. what are we doing for your birthday?!?! I MISS YOU!

  2. I MISS YOU TOOO!!!!!! I have NO IDEA what is going down for my birthday. Let's get some ideas flowing!

  3. I won't be here on the big day...but how about the week after? Food, beach, bowling, mini golf? ANYTHING!

  4. Definitely food and beach. I think if the weather is nice on my bday Jon and I are going to take the truck on onslow beach and have a tailgate bbq with with the puppers. We can always do that again once your back? :-)

  5. Awwww that's so great that you have your husband back! I bet you are enjoying yourself.

    And you are not a shotty friend! Sometimes life gets in the way of friends and things that you should and want to do. I'm sure she will be fine. =)


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