Thursday, February 3, 2011

Belly bulge

Sometimes I wonder if I have 2 babies in my belly. I know I have 2 uteruses so that's probably the reason for my belly bulges.

I should probably explain. Sometimes my belly has 2 huge bulges. One is upper right side and one is bottom left (according to me looking down). When they harden it looks like a huge wave in my belly. It's hard to explain but it looks strange lol.

I know that Abigail is in my right uterus and therefore that is where it mainly bulges out when I have a contraction so I don't understand the 2nd bulge. Hence my worries about a second baby they haven't discovered. JK lol. They have looked at my second uterus many times in multiple ultra sounds so I'm positive they would have seen a second baby by now lol.

All I can think is that my second uterus contracts too even though it has no need to.

It's strange that's for sure. Good thing I have my next appointment tomorrow!! I can ask about it and we are scheduling my c section!!

As in TOMORROW we get to find out when Abigail is going to join us! :-) YAY!!


  1. AAhh! So exciting. I know you are dying to know when. Thinking of you!!


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