Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Jacksonville area!!!

Anyone in the Jacksonville area want or need floor lamps?

I love them but I want to have to store as little as possible to make my life easier so they are yours if you want them. Only catch is you have to come to me since these wont fit in my tiny little car. 

Also, I have these little side tables too. 

Sorry that last pic is sideways. But they match the lamps. They aren't an actual set but the colors and designs match really well.

You can have them all I just want them out of my house so I have less to worry about when I move!

Let me know :-)


  1. NVM!! I just had a girl claim them :-)

  2. Wishin' I still lived in Jville, we just PCS'd to Quantico and are in desperate need of floor lamps! Glad yours found a home. :-)


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