Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Well I did it. I just applied to Bellevue University to finish my bachelors degree.

I plan on starting in May. It will all depends on Abigail though. If she needs more of my time then I will wait another month probably. Thankfully I have my family at home to help me when I need to get my work done.

I have 12 classes to do and Bellevue allows me to do an accelerated program to finish in a year. Each class is 4 weeks long and only one at a time. I am very excited about this. It should go by fast and I don't think I will get overwhelmed.

If I start in May then I should finish by the following May. I can't wait to just get this degree over with! It needs to get done and I'm thankful to have this year for the perfect opportunity. With my husband being deployed I'll be able to keep my attention on our baby girl and school.

Now I just have to figure out financial aid and get everything situated and I'll be good to go :-)

I'm nervous but excited and determined. I guess here goes nothing!


  1. Yay that is very exciting. Congrats!

  2. You can do it! I had my son while I was working on my bachelors. I still worked full time, managed him and school. I then had my daughter while I was attending grad school. You can do it! Whoops, I said that already, but you can!

  3. Thank you so much! I love knowing that other people have gone through what I am going through. It eases my mind.

  4. You will do great! Congratulations :)

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    Thanks :)


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