Monday, February 14, 2011

My husband is amazing.

The man of my dreams always surprises me on holidays. 2 years ago for Valentine's we went to Cape Cod and he proposed! Last year he snuck out early and got me two dvds I had wanted and a wonderful teddy bear that our dog ate the ears and heart off of. Which I still have as a memento.

All of that and he still manages to top himself every year. This year he got me 3 of the most beautiful roses I've ever seen. One for each of the years we have been together. It was so incredibly romantic of him that I almost cried. Could have been the hormones but either way tears almost came out.

I secretly hope that he makes this a tradition. SHH. Obviously when we are together for 50 years that could get a little ridiculous (and expensive). Maybe we will have to have a rose bush.

Valentine's day may be a little cheesy but I look forward to it every year because my husband always lets his romantic side out and I just love it :-)

I bought him a book that he wanted and it was one of 3 copies left in Jacksonville! They were sold out at Barnes and Nobles but had 3 copies left at Books A Million (which I had never been to). It was surprisingly a great book store and I'm so very thankful that they had this book.

It was just released this month but I never expected it to be sold out. I guess more people love Nascar than I thought.

I also treated myself to a wonderful pedicure. One of those really awesome ones with the massage chairs and they massage your legs and feet. It was amazing on my back, but my feet were still swollen from walking around lol.

So anyways, I had a wonderful valentines day and am going to go enjoy the rest of it with my husband.

I hope all of your Valentines days were wonderful.

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