Friday, February 25, 2011


I'm trying to keep my head intact but it feels like it's spinning a mile a minute.

Yesterday the hubs and I got our storage unit. We got the smallest one so we are hoping everything fits. We aren't storing any furniture except our bed frame, headboard and footboard. (which will be taken apart for more space). Other than that all we have to store is my husbands extremely heavy tool box and 6 plastic tote bin things. Possibly some last minute things that we didn't remember we had also.

I've been debating on bringing my golf clubs back to NY or not. If there is room in our unit for them I will probably store them.

Tomorrow my husband is borrowing a friends truck to move his extremely heavy tool box and as many of the totes as we can into the unit. We can't move them all obviously because we are still using a lot of things in the house such as kitchen supplies. And when I say extremely heavy tool box I mean it. It almost fell on me once and it would have crushed my bones easily.

He is bribing his friend into helping him by promising him I'll cook lasagna for dinner. He never actually asks me if I want to do anything he just promises I'll cook things and then tells me. Men.

Anyways, since things are starting to be moved tomorrow my to do list today consists of organizing and packing as much as I can into those totes. At least it's something to keep me busy.

On a lighter note... this is our last weekend ALONE! Abigail will be joining us Wednesday so this is our last weekend of freedom I guess you could say. haha. We don't have any plans, of course, but I'm sure we will at least go out to dinner. I'm still 9 months pregnant and not into walking lol.

I'm so excited to meet our baby girl but also a complete wreck at the same time. I'm still thinking about the move back to NY and how I really hope it's no where near as stressful as I feel like it's going to be.

My mom, mother in law, and father in law will be down to help me move but for some reason I just feel like this is going to be a trip from hell.

In my head all I can think about is traveling with a newborn. We will have to stop when she needs to be fed and burped. When on road trips I like to stop every couple hours to pee but feeding is going to take like 30 minutes or more and therefore will make our 13 hour trip probably more like 48 hours. It's 13 hours if you drive straight through which we weren't planning on doing anyways but just for an idea I said that.

We will see how it all goes. There is always the option of pumping and feeding her while driving to save some time but that's such a hassle as well.

OH and we can't forget my puppers. I don't think anyone can understand how much I love my dog. He is very much part of my family and always will be. So much so that I hate the thought of being away from him. It would be so easy if I could just send him back home with my grandma when she drove down but the idea of thinking of him being without me for a couple days makes me really sad lol.

I know it probably sounds really pathetic but my dog is a very needy dog. He doesn't do well with eating after car rides in the first place. It always takes him a day or more to start eating and he doesn't do it regularly. I have to be standing right there while he eats or else he wont. I think he just likes his routines at home.

Ok, now that you know how crazy I am...

We have a lot going on in the Sykes' residence. I will of course keep you posted.

If you made it this far Kudos to you!


  1. Wow, I can't believe your daughter will be here so soon! I can imagine how much is running through your head but try to keep calm and everything will turn out alright!

  2. Cute blog! I'm looking forward to following it! :)


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