Wednesday, February 23, 2011


I need some opinions. If someone doesn't show their emotions often or at all should that just be accepted as who they are or should one attempt to pull those emotions out?
I just think it's important to vocalize things such as excitement, pain, or happiness. To me it's important to feel someones emotion.
I constantly wonder if I can't tell.
Do I just ask for too much or is that something normal to ask for?
Do lots of people not show their emotions except on occasion?
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  1. Asking someone to show emotion that is terrible at it is just as difficult as asking someone to accept not getting those emotions shown to them when they need it/expect it. Does that make sense?

    I dont think its too much to ask for either person to compromise though.

    At least in my personal circumstances, Boyfriend is terrible at showing emotions and I know that. It sucks and he knows that I need him to show me what he is feeling sometimes. We both work our hardest to be a little more understanding of one another.

  2. Thanks so much for your comment. It absolutely makes sense. My husband is really awful at showing his emotions which is really hard on me because I get extremely self conscious when I can't tell what he's feeling.

    I am trying to not expect so much and I know he tries to show me more but I feel like were just in this never ending circle you know?

    I want to just accept that he's a guy and not a girl so I can't expect a whole lot but at the same time I just want to see when he is excited so I am reassured that I'm doing something right.

  3. I think thats just a natural reaction. Everyone likes to be reassured, I know I most certainly do (probably more than most people).

    Also maybe he has ways of showing his emotions that you dont realize. You know the whole men are from mars and women are from venus thing?

    Just try and sit down and have a heart to heart with him. I hope it helps :)

  4. Thank you love. We've done the talking. He knows it's a problem but I think that he doesn't think he needs to fix it.

    I just wanted to see if I was crazy and he was right. In the end talking is all we can do to help it.

  5. You sound like my husband. I show no emotion. I cry maybe once a year. I dont have sympathy for people. Im often called "cold and heartless" lol. Its just some peoples personality to be that way. I care very deeply about certain people and certain things just like everyone else. I just dont wear all of the emotions on my sleeve.


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