Sunday, February 13, 2011

What I chose

I blogged about struggling with the idea of a bouncer. Well I found something even better.

That is portable rocker. It adjusts to grow with you baby until they are toddlers! It vibrates and rocks which is perfect for what I wanted it for. It also has a removable toy bar.

All of the reviews said how they wish they found this before they bought bouncers that their baby's outgrew. I am sooo excited that I found this!!


  1. That is great! Anything that adjustas as a baby grows is genius. Babies seem to feed off of Miracle Grow

  2. I have never seen that before but what a great thing to have. So glad you found it BEFORE deciding on purchasing a bouncer!

  3. We got one of these for our baby girl! Everyone I talk to recommends this exact one. I know someone that has 4 kids and has gone through 2 of them because the older kids enjoy sitting in it to watch tv and play video games so she had to invest in a second one for the younger ones. I'm sure it will be fantastic!


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