Monday, July 26, 2010

Alpha Wife? How about no.

I just read a blog that absolutely disgusted me. If you feel that she has a valid point I would really appreciate you telling me so that I can delete you from my blog because in no way will I ever be linked to anyone who feels this way.

So here is the Post. You can read it for yourself and please do before reading the rest of this blog so you can fully understand.

First of all OPSEC is a VERY important set of rules. These rules are put in place so that our men and women come home and can run into the arms of their loved ones instead of in a casket. Yes, it is at first a little difficult to understand what you can and cannot say but it just takes time and trust me it's worth it.

The Alpha Wife or hell I'll just say her name, Brie, because Alpha Wife doesn't suit her. So, Brie thinks that OPSEC is a pain in the ass and she actually said "And if one sneaky terrorists came to MY blog and decided to do any no-good deed to whoever because of details that I shared, then whatever, I'll take responsibility." SERIOUSLY??? I hope you are reading this because I am going to say this right to you. You are a selfish person. How dare you risk the lives of everyone else's husbands, wives, daddies, mommies, sisters, brothers, sons and daughters so that you can get things off of your chest! What the hell are you getting off of your chest? If you are incapable of getting things off of your chest without breaking OPSEC rules then go talk to your mom or someone in confidence about it. DO NOT POST IT ALL OVER THE INTERNET!!! Did you know that once something is posted on the internet it can't ever be removed? EVER. It is always somewhere in cyber space.

As far as taking responsibility, you are prepared to feel responsible for the deaths you could cause? I swear that if it was my husband you put in danger I would make sure you felt responsible. You are representing the marine wives on Semper Spouse. I propose that you be kicked out as a member. I am sure everyone else will agree with me. 

I am so disgusted by all of this. I have so much more to say but I don't know how to say it without lowering myself to a level in which I would feel ashamed to be representing the marine wives. 

I'm done for now but if I read anything like this on anyone else's blog I will be deleting you. Grow up Brie. The world doesn't revolve around you and your uncontrollable blabber mouth. Buy a real diary, as in paper and a pen, if it's really that hard for you. But don't go mailing it off to the Taliban. 

I Love You Mr. Sykes<3
  I would never do anything to put your life in danger and I am sorry this person has the potential to. 

Semper Fi<3


  1. I hope you commented on the blog post I sure did :)

  2. I didn't comment on it. I felt that the people who had had said everything I would have. I did ask to be removed from the blog because I do not want to be a member and be associated with that kind of behavior. Thank you so much for commenting though. I appreciate you having morals.

  3. I am glad I didn't join up with the whole "semper spouse" crew... from what I've seen so far they seem a bit immature/naive.

    I agree with you!

  4. That was absolutely the most retarded move by any marine wife I've ever seen. holy CRAP!

  5. I totally agree with you. I commented on the blog and posted on my blog about this. She is completely immature about this whole situation. RIDICULOUS.

  6. Some people need to grow up and understand that there is a reason things like this are out there, it's not because the military decides to add yet another thing to make our lives a little more difficult. It's not that hard to not write things!!

  7. The whole blog is gone now, just one apology post left so I don't think you have to be worried about being associated and on her personal blog she is apparently "taking a break" from the blogging world. I see what you mean about commenting, I found the post before most of the blogging world so I was one of the first to comment and there was MUCH to be said haha. According to her apology (which is somewhat half ass) she doesn't think the comments were justified but I think she will keep her mouth shut from now on

  8. I have been a Marine Wife for over 6 years and never once had a single problem with OPSEC...And I can't believe some people do. It doesnt take any effort at all to follow the rules. Good thing she deleted her blog because she was getting some serious hate mail. I also hate opsec police. If someone violates OPSEC, then sure...tell the person about it. But these brand new, motard USMC wives who blog hop to look for violations are annoying as hell. I wrote "hubs should be back in a few months" a while back on my blog and got a comment from some psycho about violating OPSEC. Are you kidding me? I said a few months. How about you learn the OPSEC rules before you start telling me about them.(her, not you lol) But yeah....thanks for sharing this!

  9. I agree Lindsey. I hate when people are all psycho with OPSEC because they usually have no idea what they are talking about. I have had that happen to me a couple times as well. That is why I want to try and inform girlfriends or wives who may not understand OPSEC.

  10. I once had a girl say that her facebook page was private so she didn't have to follow OPSEC. I was so mad that I haven't talked to her since. People don't understand that the internet is open to anyone, I don't care how private your page is... good for you and the rest of the wives who told her it was wrong!

  11. That is just ignorance. Which is what I am saying. People need to learn what they are capable of and how to protect themselves and others.


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