Monday, July 26, 2010

Blogging award

I received this award

From Lindsey and Co and Kaylee Rae. I am supposed to say 7 things about myself and pass it on to 9 blogs. So here it goes. 

1) I am pregnant and couldn't be happier but my gosh am I sick all of the time. 

2) I miss New York. Well, not the state, more like my family.

3) I love my husband very very much<3

4) I prefer to sit  around my house with just my husband than do anything with a group of people. 

5) I don't really know why but people annoy me very easily. I think I expect too much out of people and it's very rare for someone to live up to that. 

6) I know most people  say they "love the marine corps" when living the life but I don't. Maybe once we get to travel a little bit more it will have more appeal but right now, it's awful. 

7) I love my dog. He is family :-) 

I know I am supposed to pass this on to 9 other bloggers but I think it should just get passed on to 1. So the person I am passing this award to is to Expat Girl over at The Sand is Different Here. Congrats girly! I love your blog, but you probably already knew that :-)


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