Wednesday, July 14, 2010

It's storming so I'm blogging

So I realized that I never actually posted anything for Independence Day. My mother in law and sister in law were down here for a visit so I never really touched my computer. Independence Day was pretty cool this year. We all went to Wilmington to watch the fireworks and enjoy the street fair. There were tons of people and the fireworks were amazing. We didn't think to leave early as to avoid traffic and therefore it took us about 2 hours to get out of our parking garage and we were only on the 2nd floor. The cars across the street weren't letting anyone out of the parking garage so a lady took charge and blocked them all in haha. We also opened a passage way that was closed off. I say passage way because it wasn't much of a road. More like a construction site. But regardless, we finally got out of the parking garage and eventually made it home. 

The coolest part of Independence Day was seeing all of the British military on base. I couldn't help but think back to how it was on the real independence day on the same land with the same people. Needless to say I got a creepy feeling when all of that processed but it was still amazing to think about. How far we have come in such a short period of time. We went from having to fight for our independence to sharing military bases. 

I also have to admit that it did cross my mind as to why they were there. I didn't realize that other countries sent their military to our bases for training. I asked my husband and he just said they're training. Then I thought about Independence Day coming up and it made me giggle that I actually considered the fact that they wanted revenge on us and were taking us back. Haha. Obviously there was no repeat of history or anything of the sort. But I do wonder, do you think they got 96's as well? Haha. 

I Love You Mr. Sykes<3
I Love You too Little Sykes<3

Semper Fi<3

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  1. Hahaha..I always think crazy thoughts like that too! My husband just rolls his eyes at me and thinks I'm crazy. could happen!


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