Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Jean diapers?

Really? Jean diapers? Why didn't we come up with this earlier? Before I would see a baby running around in just their diaper and be like where are your pants? Now it's a little more appropriate haha. I think they are just hilarious. The commercial is soooo funny. I don't know if I would ever purchase jean diapers but you never know.

I am watching a baby's story on TLC right now. People have the strangest births! What is this pool birth business? Is it common? It seems to be on this show. Another common thing seems to be to have your entire family there? I'm talking husband, both sets of parents, any kids you may already have, all your cousins, uncles and aunts too. Seriously? Maybe it's just me but if my husband can be there he will be the only one in the room with me. And by room I mean next to the bed, not bath tub or pool. If my husband can't be there then I want my mom there. Don't get me wrong, people can be waiting in the hospital. I just don't want the whole world staring at me through it.

Maybe I shouldn't be watching these shows. They make it kind of creepy and scary haha.

Oh well, I'm out for now.

I Love You Mr. Sykes<3
I Love You too Little Sykes<3

Semper Fi<3


  1. Jean diapers = not normal. water births = completely normal

  2. Lol. The water birth thing just completely creeps me out. Maybe if everyone in my family wasn't there like all of the ones I've seen. The one I just saw she was in a tub and like everyone she has ever met in her life was there watching. I just couldn't deal with that and stay calm and all of that.

  3. I just bought some jean diapers for my cute! And I agree water births today creep me out. There is a LOT of stuff that comes out of you with the baby...I don't want to sit in that! And I only let my husband be there in the hospital with me! I wanted my privacy

  4. I'm not sure how I would want to give birth. I've thought about water births because I've heard it relaxes you but I definitely wouldn't want an audience. I want my husband and my momma with me. I thought the commercial was so funny for jean diapers. I don't know if I would ever buy them though!

  5. The jean diapers are no go just because they are huggies and huggies suck. As for the water birth...people are doing everything they can to have a natural birth now a days. Hospitals push for csections and drugs like its the new cool thing. Welcome to pregnant-hood! ( story is NOTHING like the actualy thing!!)

  6. I so figured it was all tv-fied haha. And I heard huggies suck.

  7. I always thought huggies were the BEST diapers on all 3 of my kids - Luvs and Pampers always leaked. LOL This new baby may never know, unless we get a lot of diapers as baby shower gifts or something - because baby #4 is wearing all GENERIC, store-brand everything! :) And hand-me-down-clothes.


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