Friday, October 8, 2010

Cleaning out

I sold our dinning room table tonight. The first step in cleaning out the house for when I move back home! :-)

We NEVER use our table. By the time we both want to sit down for dinner we would rather sit down either outside on our picnic table or in our living room. So, it was the first thing to go. And thank god it's gone! Now I have so much space! Our dog kennel was next to the table with his food and water dishes too. So I moved his dishes away from the garage door and moved his food bin behind it so we don't have it on top of his kennel anymore. AMAZING!! Should have thought of that sooner.

I have someone who wants to by our awesome desk but wont be in town until November 1 but unless I sell it before then it's hers. So that's item number 2 to go. I know I have until March but you all know I'm paranoid and this time it's about it being moving time and were still stuck with a bunch of unwanted furniture. So I'm starting early with the stuff we don't use anyways.

Anyways, my hubby is in Rockingham until tomorrow night to help our friend with his racecar and to see some of the guys. I was going to go but then I remembered I hate Nascar and being pregnant I really wasn't into sitting in the stands for hours at a time. I wouldn't even be able to sit with my husband since he would be on the pit crew. Yea, NOT exciting lol.

I'm sooo bored though! I want to have another girls night but we just had one and I think everyone probably has plans with their husbands this weekend since most have a 96 or 72. I'm going crazyyy though. I think I need some retail therapy...

I Love You Mr. Sykes<3
You too Little Sykes<3

Semper Fi<3


  1. So funny you are selling stuff already! We just got orders and are PCS'ing in February and I havent even begun to think about it. Maybe I should get on the ball?


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