Saturday, October 2, 2010

Fat pants

I bought my first pair of "fat pants" today. Actually I bought 2. I call them fat pants because that's what they look like. But really they are just those special stretchy topped jeans for pregnant people. My response?

THEY ROCK!!! I might never go back. They are super duper comfy and way easier to get the right fit than regular jeans. I was really upset about the idea of moving into some fat pants but honestly, they are awesome.

The only reason I went to get some today was because it's actually cold here in North Carolina. I LOVE IT! But, I didn't have any chilly weather clothes that fit me hence my pant spree.

Hubby went with me and was a real sport. He held my purse while I tried on pants and just followed me around holding prego pants. He's a sweetie<3

Now we are getting ready to go to Morehead City for the Seafood Festival with the neighbors. All they had to say was food and I would have been there. It looks like rain though so fingers crossed it stays nice for us!


  1. My cousin Sonja said the same thing! She found pants like that and she said she'd never go back :) Glad you found something comfortable and that my brother was a sweetheart. He really can be one, can't he? Have fun with your food fest!

  2. Hehehe. I still have a pair of maternity capris I think lovingly about. They were SO comfy!


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