Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Sorry that it's been a while

I have been trying to stay really busy until Monday. We had our 20 week check up at the doctors yesterday. Everything is good. We have our anatomy scan Monday at 2 so I am really trying to just make time fly until then.

One thing I do want to blab about is people asking me what I am having. ITS SOOO ANNOYING!!!!

Facebook is a wonderful invention. Everyone knows your most important news because of course you are going to post it as your status. But apparently people are just inconsiderate and nosy and don't think that I will post what we are having as soon as we know.

I have had constant nosy people asking me what I am having ever since like 15 weeks! People I rarely talk to and mean little to nothing to my life (like those people who add you just to be nosy and you know who they are but you never actually talk to).

Is it just me or does it annoy other people? It's like seriously? Be at least a little considerate seriously. If I know and you are a friend on my facebook trust me you will know too. Asking me once a day until you get an answer just makes me stressed out and frustrated so stop being so self centered.

It's like I don't even talk to you! And it's not just one person, it's several. It's becoming ridiculous. I get that pregnancy is exciting but if we don't talk and aren't really friends is it really any of your business? And isn't it really rude that you talk to me when it's convenient for you to know something but not any other time?

I don't even know if this post is going to make sense to anyone because I'm pretty sure my frustration led the writing of this but I needed to get this out. I am so annoyed by it.

It's not like I can delete them from my facebook either because it's like they have me on alert and as soon as they get notified that we are no longer friends or as soon as they try and snoop and can't because my page is private they send me a message saying "What did I do that we are no longer "friends?"

I don't know what to do. I shouldn't let it get to me but I just can't stand nosy people like that. I would LOVE to be able to tell everyone that I am having a boy or a girl BUT I don't know!!! It's only frustrating to have to say I don't know yet every 5 minutes to someone new or repeatedly to the same person.

If I'm crazy then I'm crazy but I have pregnancy hormones to blame it on so HA!

I have to go babysit for a little while (which is going great by the way).

I'll keep you updated as I can. Thanks for listening to me babble!

I Love You Mr. Sykes<3
You too Little Sykes<3 Whatever you are.

Semper Fi<3


  1. People are so annoying when you're pregnant. My big pet peeve was people constantly touching my stomach! Hope everyone eases up on you a bit!

  2. You would think since people have babies so much (I mean that's why we're all here after all, and have been since like...forever) they would know you don't find out until you're like 5 months, 4 if you're lucky! I'm suuure that question gets old! Just wear a shirt that says "I don't know" all the time! Lol

  3. Pregnancy hormones probably have a lot to do with it...but I totally feel you. I get really annoyed when I find out about certain things on facebook. Like the birth of a child or death of a friend. Your next status should read "I dont know the sex of my baby yet, so stop asking" :) I felt like I was HARASSED over baby news with my second daughters on Facebook. So much so, that I made up my mind not to tell ANYONE the sex of the baby until she was born. BOOOYA!!

  4. Aww! I understand the frustration! Congrats on meeting the half-way point! :)

  5. Ugh I know EXACTLY what you mean. Another one of the ways they let you know that they're nosy and snooping and that they aren't your real friends is they wait a LONG time before going, "Oh Wait, You're MARRIED? When did this happen? Are you Pregnant? Is that Why You Got Married? How is Being married? How's Hawaii? I bet you just love it, I'm so jealous." I'm so jealous you're pregnant! I'm still trying to convince Lance to let me be a Mommy lol.

  6. Can you set it to where people that aren't your friends on facebook can't message you? I've done that and it clears up that last little problem up perfectly...


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